Friday, February 5, 2010

NTMA take over from CB of I

They are cutting Honohan out of the picture. Look up my earlier posts on this probability! Poor man obviously too honest!

I predict a chance of a fatal ac/incident to him or his wife. Life assurance would be advisable, as Brian McCabe, a principal officer in taxes, in charge of D 13 (later name changed to DAD5) the district dealing with banks was found dead in unexplained circumstances.

Jimmy Livingstone missed assassination at the expense of his wife who though restrained ensured that he was not ambushed. Through the late 1980's, Jimmy was breaking down the banks, branch by branch, as he got inside information via payments and rewards, probably, that showed how Tralee and Listowel were hotspots of non-resident accounts. He, JL, had been told twice by higher up, to cease but persisted.
Tony (I forget his name, God forgive me) died of a brain tumour in Head Office. He was in charge of policy re Banks. Did you know that micrwaves travel though office partitions? They are known to cause tumours. Jimmy was forever travelling around talking to tipsters.

Of course this is all just a coincidence and no one should make any links to paramilitaries etc. Banks are purely good for the economy.

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