Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hillary Rodham Clinton next president of the USA

She cannot overturn Osama's sorry, Obama's lead in votes and ordinary delegates. The superdelegates have made it clear whom they consider to be the more popular candidate. But she persists.

She knows the future and it holds very little for Obama after a set date. I choose not to know the date. It may not succeed. The hot tip on the WWW is that it will have a very strong UK connection. Maybe. We all know how accurate "internet chatter" can be!

As the only candidate left who has so many delegates, she will be favoured over Edwards.

These controls are said to be necessary in a democracy. You can't trust the voters.

The Rider

Also known as Atman, this is what you are. You are the rider or pilot of the vehicle you occupy. Normally if you are reading this, that will be a human body, more or less.

What the Roman Catholic church defines as "original sin". The sin is confusing your identity as the vehicle, not the rider or soul of the body. Reassuringly, nearly everyone, with a soul, suffers from this sin at some time or another. Humans without a rider are not the concern of the church except to eradicate or to convert, which may infuse a soul. But don't hold your breath. It is not known how many humans if any, lack the Atman or higher self.

Most human ills arise from the misidentification of the rider, an immortal, with the vehicle. I am hungry. I have pain. I cannot......whatever. Yes you can. Even if it costs you your current vehicle, you can.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

what is government?

“The issue of government has always been,”

declared Franklin Roosevelt,

“whether individual men and women will have to serve some system of government economics, or whether a system of government and economics exists to serve individual men and women.”

please do not ass u me that fdr is a hero of mine

government is dictatorship only when laws are passed

this is not likely to be a popular view as laws are often bought and are always a restriction of liberty of those whose interests are not the same as those who laboured to pass those laws

what is reality?

shadows on a cave wall are a more accurate reflection of reality than the mainstream media [msm] now owned as never before, by the powers that be [tptb].

to find what is real requires work and reflection on the results.