Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The recent Horsemeat crisis in Europe has been ascribed to loose, mainly Irish, regulation of animal passports.

Australian TV has a Khazar biased network, subsidized by public funds that has genuine ambitions to rank as an operator, in world investigative journalism.

ABC1 broadcast a good programme that showed that much of the horsemeat that contaminated supply in Europe, over the last 5, yes, 5 years were from the Irish who had abandoned the status symbols acquired when "the Greed was upon them" after entry into the EZ.


The transcript is quite clear.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Every decade since 1660, the population of the 32 counties of Ireland has declined.

In 1840, Ireland had 8 million souls and England had 10 million.

We gained some migrants when Strongbow visited and then the Scots Presbytries were expelled.

Looking forward to another million migrating from Irelandpolitical blindness and greed.

The expected influx of Poles, Bulgars and Romanians settling into the nest really acts to dilute the population. Looks like they will inherit the 32?

HMG are greatly pleased by the greed of easily bribed Irish politicians. They used John Law in the 18th Century to destroy France.