Sunday, March 27, 2011


"But that you may understand my word of good and evil, for that
purpose will I tell you my word of life, and of the nature of all
living things.
The living things did I follow; I walked in the broadest and
narrowest paths to learn its nature.
With a hundred-faced mirror did I catch its glance when its mouth
was shut, so that its eye might speak unto me. And its eye spoke
unto me.
But wherever I found living things, there heard I also the
language of obedience. Whatever lives, obeys.
And this heard I secondly: Whatever cannot obey itself, is
commanded. Such is the nature of living things."

The hundred-faced mirror is the body-mind.
We are slaves to whatever provides sustenance along the lines of Maslow's pyramid.
We are capable of being gods. But we are usually locked in the basement of the cellar of the mansion! The servants rule in that house!

FREE yourselves!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why is the web so paranoid? Warning is one thing, but this?

When the wolves attack sheep, they first panic them and run them until they are exhausted. They then section off the weakest and eat them alive. Pan, the friend of the predator! No wonder so many sites tell us about how evil the NWO are. They are acting for the wolves!

Byblos: the writings of oral histories of Dan, Judah etc.

The bible is true as far as it goes: matter has been left out and "impossible" things interpreted. Genesis is not the first book as it is a witness account of the end of Eden. The planets were far closer! Once the sun was fully revealed, night and day existed. And the climate deteriorated with droughts, cold and floods. The electrical abundance had meant that plants had grown three times as large as now! Work began..... exploitation began. Animals died off.

All left out of the writings we now know as the Old Testament! Eden is a mystery because of censorship. The entire earth, well at least one hemisphere, was "perfect". Then came the Dreamtime!

The New Testament is designed by a committee of Nicea. Joshua becomes the Christ all in an attempt to ensure the hippy christians work for the Empire.
The Romans finally conquer the christians!

We need to know what was left out by the male priesthoods. They perpetuate the OWO!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good knowledge of history!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Recommended! NWO in reality!

By participating in the NWO, you arrange your future, not TPTB.


But hard work!

This announcement will be denounced but is merely reason breaking through. The OWO always wish to control the illuminati. We are the ones who have seen. If they cannot compromise us personally with their carnal traps, they try to demean or demonize us!

We know that others are becoming .... illuminati also. It can be done very quickly in certain associations and orders. But there are where the traps are thickest.

Clues? Look to India. The British discovered much that6 they have kept from the Americans.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Japan is being treated as if they have financial leprosy.

They used to have it, but given twenty years, they may have entered part recovery.

They have as Mr Hempton agrees, lots of capital. They have borrowed from their population in order to provide social work and building. They now have real needs not just bridges to nowhere to meet!

What exactly is the economic difference between borrowing from those who have excess savings on the one hand and taxing those same people?

This should be enough to set off some questions!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

If only there were a way to recall POTUS?????

OPM, other people's money!!

The best way to get rich is to get them to give it to you and your buddies!


Kevin Earick

A striking commentary on an article in NC or Naked Capitalism:

"So, the legacy families assumed that all humans were replaceable, except themselves. Bad assumption. They also assumed that they had time on their side. Bad assumption."

He assumes the legacy families are behind this. Not a bad assumption, but predicated upon knowledge of previous credit busts and a willingness to act. These families are not like the fabled Rothschilds, that is why they are fabled. They have created a mechanism to recognize and re-act to stimuli that suggest radical change and the correct or a profitable way to respond?

"Despite cascading dominoes falling in their direction, the government unions assumed that promises of future payments, in return for transferring assets from those who earned them to those who did not, would continue indefinitely. Bad assumption."

Unions do not have a unity of interest. Their managers are as prone to corruption and ignorance as any group of managers. They simply are not fit for purpose. As they reflect the fears of the members, they are very similar to investment managers, who profit from the fear of their investors that they are worse than the managers.

"Governments assumed that they could float the difference indefinitely. Bad assumption. The agents assumed they could hide their looting behind non-profits indefinitely. Bad assumption. The churches assumed that indoctrinating the masses with propaganda from birth would shield their property indefinitely. Bad assumption."

Governments do not assume anything. They are the ultimate agent out of control as they have the power to imprison those who question and leak information about wrongdoing! Some individuals have been corrupted by those who know what is coming and want favourable timing and p[lacement to maximise their profit and minimize risks.

"These black holes have now intersected and joined, to become the globally replicating virus, which has hit the wall. Funny, no matter where you go, you will find the masses offering each other help out of the black hole, for a fee, slavery to consumption anxiety."

Valid points!

"Simply disconnect whatever anxiety algorithm that ails you from the nexus consumption algorithm and reconnect it to your own investment algorithm. If at first you do not succeed, move to another location, get another angle, and try again, peeling off the layers of non-productive anxiety, and their associated assets, as you go.

Without enterprise architects, the legacy families may only implode. The entire foundation of the American Enterprise System is now spider-cracked. Simply take your unique crow bar and lift out the piece it fits, while the legacy families re-paste, re-organize, and re-sell in vain.

No foundation, no economy. Below the old foundation, you will find the new foundation, already installed. Add recursion to quantum physics, with the three point structure, and off you go.

I am now at the border, with my crow bar. Where are you?"

Provocative! Kevin, do get in touch?!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Water, water, everywhere!

A speculation?

Queensland cannot use rainfall providers, unlike Dubai and elsewhere, not because we get "the wrong clouds" but because it will interfere with OTH, over the horizon, radar. This will be needed soon ......

So in the meantime, we waste money building pipelines and sea water conversion plants while we endure the wettest year so far!