Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alarmism about 2012!!

First the good news: if they seek to justify prophecy of a supernova bu saying that the fusion process in Betelguese or Antares shows that nova is likely, they are lying. Fusion only occurs on the surface of the sun. It is not a nuclear fireball. It is an eletric arc in space and punches out plasma, and recives plasma also.

The bad news See Paul LaViolette . There is currently no way of predicting when any of the solar upsets will occur. As the sun is less active, the case can be made that it is more likely to have local material impact the sun. Thus acting as a trigger for a CME. But it is less active.

The Mayans were unable to use the wheel for transport but did use it for a calendar, apparently.... Just not very likely.

Friday, July 24, 2009

China Stockpile

The accumulation of essential commodities by China is seen as a diversification away from holding the US$ into specie that will probably go up in value, hence it is merely a divestment and preference for a better investment.
But there may be another reason. As China has learned, it is very open to invasion. Having adopted expansion through invasion into Sinkiang and Tibet, it has gained strategically from this policy. Formosa is a tougher proposition as it is an indepemndent country overrun by Republican, openly capitalistic chinese after the second world war. It is also guaranteed by the west as a means to keep China under control. Strategically China is surrounded by non-allies or past enemies. With the two invasions it should have all the living room it needs even with the one child policy.
Stockpiling is also an historical prelude to war. The USA is engaged in topping off various strategic stores the most important of which is oil. Oil is Mastery. Solar powered jet aircraft are not yet on anyones military agenda. China is deficient in oil, apparently. Singapore is a strategic crossroads for sea traffic to China. The idea of Anthropogenic Global Warming is a device aimed at limiting Chinese energy generation, to strategically cripple further expansion. It is easily seen through as a ruse and believed only by those duped by western media. Where is China to get the oil needed for modern warfare?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tsunami evidence on Google maps in Queensland

Evidence of past Tidal Waves visible from Space

Use Google Maps .

Why? Your life may depend on it.

View the coast lines of the world near to you and see what evidence is glaringly obvious. For example, sand was washed ashore and left in a hollow drop shape as the excess water drained back into the sea.

In the case of the north coast of Queensland the sand hills are up to 20 kilometres long! The width of this event is several hundred kilometres. Unless the event was truly catastrophic, given the increase in sea level say 125 metres due to the ending of the last ice age C.10,000 years ago, the evidence only goes back those 10,000 years. There may have been smaller events in that time but they may have been washed off by the "big one".

Using digital cameras! For children and doctors.

I saw on TV the use of a digital camera in medicine: dealing with children. By taking a quick photo of the ear of a child in pain, the nurse was able to share the image off the cameras screen with a doctor.

The cleverness comes in leaving the child alone, without being examined while in pain, for the maximum amount of time. The picture is capable of being magnified and shows a steady image instead of a struggling child! Less painful for all concerned. Clever use of digital technology.