Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Economics the "science" of scarcity

This disease can now be banned as we actually only have an imaginary scarcity.

While we even up the rest of the world, preparatory to a New World Order, there may be some play with economics, but I do not recommend it except as a study of history, for those under the age of 21 as they will not make it to 50 in that career.

The only true practitioners are those dedicated to the NWO and are Fabian in origin.

It is now time to reorganize our institutions to acknowledge these facts and to be more efficient.

Pretending that there is a force dedicated to destruction of USA freedoms serves only those who make money out of it.

There is such a plot, but it is peaceful in nature and intent. Freedoms built upon the enslavement of others may appeal to some, but not to those dedicated to the NWO.

Get ready to work less and enjoy more! It will take less than thirty years.

Mind works

We form associations.

In the mind. It is also true that we have no mind, but share the Mind. There is only one.
We have access to it. We receive and transmit.

The only wat=y not to do so is to practice mindlessness, also called mindfullness! The cup must be empty, but not emptied.

Not this, not that.

It is an unreasonable process that is not a process.

Our associations, allowing access to these associations made in the Mind, condemn us to slavery.

We read, are exposed to, something on the internet. It has meanings. Many meanings, on many levels even if it is a simple statement of the "obvious".
They, what we actually see, are lines of electrons or liquid crystals, aligned in shapes which we "know" are letters that form "words". These words each have unique but fuzzy meanings that change over time and depend upon each culture, if they share a common language. These meanings put together in a sentence, or phrase, make us move. The movement is another term for emotion or motion of a persons attention.

These movements are used by other persons for good and bad motives. Good and bad are subjective and can only be fully appreciated by a free channel mind.

These threads come together to make a fine carpet or else a rope around our throat.

You decide!


You may need to free yourself of these associations, also known as snares, aka triggers of desire. These are operative on our animal nature. Let the animal subside to allow the divine to assume its correct position. The Mind is merely an affect, in just the same way as our own channel mind that is clogged with our subjective experiences.

There is something beyond the Mind!

We are that something!


To make a fine carpet, we need fine threads.

To understand reality, we need a means of receiving information about it. We then need a means of analysing this data.

To analyse it, we use the mind and our previous experience.

This previous experience only exists if we have been analysing for some time.

Those who seek to make use of us try to turn off of damage that power of analysis, because the fewer people who analyse, the more victims they have.
Please do not be afraid, of anything. You are free!


Arbeit macht Frei is not a misnomer. You need to work at analysis because you have been given false unverifiable information. We all have. How much have you taken on board? Only you can tell and remove it and the effects it has.

Further posts will be made.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pakistan Nukes?

What a tangled web!

The USA and allies, cannot allow all of the information to surface. Thought about all of this may reassure those who live in fear of nuclear war.

The USA is thuggish and brutal, but well meaning. Their plans are often excellent, but execution is often dismal. Probably why they are employing mercenaries more often?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Illegal drugs cause corruption in Police forces!

So, because Ireland's costliest DJ on RTE dies of coke abuse, the wheels start to turn?

Talk about shallow? Maybe the lesson is that TV is wayyyy more affective, sic, on the public psyche?

When fictional characters die, will we investigate the causes of their death?

The Fed is not evil for cutting off money supply or raising interest rates.....

The Fed is evil, but only because it causes inflation. The bust occurs because everyone who wants the colossal burden of a loan, has one, OK? After the last sucker jumps into the inflated market, the balloon deflates leaving them all with loans and poor collateral. The Fed knows what happens, so causes it, but the sickness is actually all the loans which become millstones and fool other people into saving in pension funds, OK? How much are those funds worth?

Busts are always inevitable. Deflation is the natural order and is good, unless you have a loan to repay!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

White Hat reports

These were brought to my attention by an ex-CIA (but do they ever retire?!) source who accessed George Ure's site.

Very optimistic from the point of all the illegality at the top. One faction of TPTB seems close to being smeared and wiped out with all allies?

But perhaps we should beware those who pretend to be telling us what is happening?

And it may distract from Wikileaks!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nibiru ------Disinformation ramps up?

Peculiar language and timing?

Part of project blue-beam?

Or true?

Monday, December 13, 2010

If Nibiru exists ......

There is a small but real chance that it could temporarily capture the inter-stellar current, depriving the Sun, Aten or Helios, of current! The loss of out put would be very measurable, even allowing for a transistor effect? The appearance of a "new star" would be astonishing and probably very disruptive to all planetary positions.

Cosmic Billiards anyone? Flood of protons would also mean massive precipitation and loss of some oxygen from our atmosphere. The drop in temperature is a most likely event. Another ice age? Given the apparent continental shelving, could we hope for a gentle expansion of the earth, with gentle earthquakes, orogenesis and vulcanism?

I was admonished by the dickhead Dave Smith for similar concerns, years ago.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

End of Ice Age

Duh! We all, I hope, know that thousands of years ago, the sea level was 100 metres less. All densely populated civilizations except a few, cluster on the coast, near a river. These are all under water....

If anyone is a really talented diver, they could try to survey and even plunder these lost civilizations, along the lines of Indiana Jones. Let me know when you find Atlantis!
It actually explains why there are so many "underwater hotels" around the world. They are used for this purpose already.

Banking cartel

Imagine being able to buy anything in the world!
Anything at all? Yes! A country? Yes! It takes time and other people's money (OPM) but yes, you can do that. But you have to buy the best, most profitable things, else really mean people will take all that power away from you and you will die rather quickly inside. They are TPTB who put you and your kind in charge of the cattle and shhep who are farmed for their productivity.

Occasionally, the system has to be reset, a bit like, very, very, very like, in the Matrix, there is a year zero.

Then the banking inflation consumer game can begin again. Trouble is, some of those in the PTB are against this standard scheme..... There is a bit of a war going on.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bernie Madoff made off with billions!

Sonja is the spitting image of Bernie?!

A lot of fun can be had with look-a-likes!?

Enron's boss "died" before he went to Jail or gaol or prison.

Communication makes slavery:

If you cannot direct them will they do what is required?
To get around the difficulty, harvest of value is often required.

In many economic theories, devised and permitted to be broadcast by TPTB, it does not matter who is the master, as they will spend into the economy and all can share. Microeconomics intrudes and the privacy, space, freedom all will be restricted except for those who exert control.

Those who follow the minstrel Leary will drop out and not support the harvest.

Such a life requires dedication! Register births or not? Apply for a passport or not? Books have been written on the topic!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Austrian economics predicted the GFCs we now experience.

Steve Keen is also useful! Most other economists are charlatan or conspirators for one side or another.

You must free yourself by understanding that money can disappear overnight!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"In a down market, the last man standing makes out like a bandit."

We are well into a depression. Some of us got there by design, others by recklessness. Some are still resisting, but the debts are too large for there not to be extensive disruption in many markets, currently looking bomb-proof.

Allowing the over-committed to fail will eventually allow those who have the fittest business model to do very well until the new technology comes along. Having massive exposure to creditors may still pay off but will require massively fancy footwork worthy of a merchant banker!

Paying off debts has to be a very savvy business model as does waiting while comptetitors buy up others' assets and destroy themselves by overcapitalizing.

Niche markets make sense as long as your niche is doing well!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The second stage, the collapse of the banks as the efforts to rescue them fail!

Why buy paper when it is inflated? Wait until it means what it says as derivatives and banks, the sources of credit, fall over!

Save your capital!

Trust no one!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Debt destruction American style!

Yves is a smart lady, even if she was misnamed at birth. Eve is feminine, Yves is masculine.

She has been pushing the issue for months. The issue is technical, but in law, technicalities are there for a reason, particularly when there are disparities in size as with a lender and a borrower.

The sub-prime and other lending that were meant to, and did, revive the credit boom in America went on to fuel a smaller one in Europe. That was because a lot of those who bought up the securitized mortgages were German etc banks. Thus, the idea that the securities are worthless may cause problems?!

The banks that sold them are liable for all of the loss unless the investor can be held somehow, to be negligent. The American taxpayer may refuse to pay the massive amounts, making the European banks as bust as the American ones! This is actually a good thing! Except for those who owned bank shares, of course. Pension funds will also suffer.

The old banks would have to bev recapitalized. If plainly bust, they cannot be recapitalized. Their depositors will be paid off, but probably no one else. All that debt destroyed means that the depressiopn will be much shorter in time.

The Irish of course, have to waste massive amounts of capital before it will be clear that it is wasted money.

I have posted to this effect on but to no avail. No reply was ever received. If the persons to whom we owe money are bankrupt, they will not be in a position to sue for the full amount of the debt. The weak never prosper.