Monday, January 31, 2011

Habits maketh the wo/man

Sitting and doing nothing will increase mindfullness and enable you, not your ego, to control your desires and symptoms, if you wish to give up smoking or any bad habit. There is no limit to the changes you can make to yourself, but others will try to stop you, so isolation may also be part of the treatment.

All you need is within yourself!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Phone tracing

Every time I see, in mainly American films, that it takes 30 seconds to trace a phone user, I wince!

It is instant, people! Likewise, many forget that the web is ARPA technology! Microsoft is hand in glove with the "man"! That is why they don't really mind if you use their products without paying!

Just in case you could not think of this yourself!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gravity again

Some learn by reading and maybe I learn by writing? Having experienced the effect of having to lecture to non-experts about what I did, I found that I had to reassemble what I "knew" and thereby knew more than I had beforehand.

I put the gravity question to my guardian angel before sleeping on it and she provided an answer fairly quickly. Possibly a shallow one, along the lines of an Einstein thought experiment, but someday it might be established?

Take a body AND PUT IT ON ANOTHER BODY, SAY AN ASTRO/COSMONAUT onto a massive planet or moon.

What do we observe? If we find that the relationship we observe between the moon weight of a man and that of the earth weight holds, then the theory of universal pressure repelling bodies is still unproven. Hoever, if we observe that the weight appears to be far less than that we expect, the UP theory acquires vitality indeed!

UP does not mean infinite weight, in space, equally balanced on all sides. There is likely to be a limit to the force experienced and I suspect that it is not more than three times that of earth "gravity". It is obviously an accelerative force as "gravity" has been established to be. # was chosen arbitrarily, but anything more would begin to disrupt too many systems, mainly chemical.

I would be delighted to hear from anyone who can address this issue?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

War on Islam

The war on christianity has been won, a millenium ago. The Romans won. The attempts to protest were also led by gatekeepers. How do I know? Usury exists and christian teaching on it is ignored!

Islam is therefore to be destroyed by reshaping. Demonize them as those who burned Rome. Sound familiar to 9/11 and 7/7 and Bali?

After that find useful idiots who will redraft the Koran, Qura'an, into an equivalent of the council of Nicea result. Spread the book and destroy those who know the original book, allowing that this will take generations. Ensure that women can be exploited to the full and that children can be taken care of by third parties who must "educate" them. In the meantime, buy all the oil and other resources that we can, to leave them impoverished.

Mohomed was a warrior and he will accept defeat. Ullah will still take souls damaged by borrowing too much. Religious engineering? Why not?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Excellent blog! Read it!

He knows his onions and is Irish centred. Some useful contributors too.

Ireland's economy: some bright spots?

Actually, Ireland is really in trouble as we all know, but only if we believe we are?

Money and the love of it, is the root of our evil. No, not a morality lesson, but a practical one: cashflow!

Given the gravy train for politicos, it was natural that they would fall under the sway of the EU paymasters, mainly the Germans. So money is a disaster. But Ireland has gained massively from the boom, in housing stock at least. Those who own it are only lamenting this because they have to repay.

The obvious thing then is to follow Iceland. Forgive those who trespass against us and repudiate the debts we continue to take on. We have, with the apparently poor strategy adopted by the GFF, taken on more debt. Good. This should continue making the default even bigger when it comes?

OK, it is less moral than going the Iceland route now, but we know that no one has in terms equity lawyers love "clean hands".

What we must do then, as the wise who lead the masses, is prepare for this day? Will we leave the EU? Will other countries also go this route? Free trade has been helpful to Ireland allowing the economy to grow but on borrowed money. If the EU is taking away our CT rate we will not grow as fast as we did and in fact as we shed the malinvestments made during the boom we will shrink, particularly as we knuckle under to our masters in Europe.

If we leave the EU, we still have that CT rate but we lose all those lovely banks or do we? In the meantime we enjoy all those capital transfers from those in the EU fearful that we default now. We defer default and help them drive down the euro. They must expect to pay for this co-operation! We are only 1% of the EU economy or even less. The realities will eventually make default more acceptable even to those who still hog the gravy train as their electorates realize what needs to be done and as Iceland prospers.

This is after all the likely outcome as the masses awaken they will send some message via voting, but as in the USA, they can vote only for those on the ballot! (In the USA they will accept write ins not in Ireland!) The massage goes both ways and dep[ends on earlier messages but tax increases will eventually cause a rethink as will service curtailments, suicides and emigration.

This takes time. We enjoy the funds from the ECB and the extra housing. We rectify the economy by taxing land and reducing the price. Eventually, we become more competitive. But as the tax base dwindles, so the budget deficit will eventually balance but only if we default on interest and repayments are out of the question!

The international turmoil will smother this little hiccup as other countries also default. The idea that Ireland must contribute to their reconstruction is merely a rentier's fantasy, not a moral position!

In the meantime we languish and some suffer disproportionately.
Out of this we emerge wiser and blessed with more housing stock ....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gravity a positive force or a negative one?

Logically, of course, there cannot be a negative force! Likewise there is no such thing as positive or negative electricity! There is a surplus of electrons or of protons. End of!

Gravity is said to be an effect of mass. It is, but it is a negation of another force and is not an example of gravitons or gravity waves! The mass of the body intercepts and diminishes the universal pressure of the zero point energy that we may find omni-present in the universe. The Casimir effect, demonstrates the pressure and the recent findings that gravity theory is under review because of the misplacement of Voyagers, indicating that there is a repulsive force acting upon them also supports this idea.

A way of understanding this is the well known phenomenon at sea, of two vessels within sight of one another. as they each block the current and wave action on the side more angled away from the other, they creep towards one another, all other things being equal, as they seldom are!

Have fun with this concept! If there is a way of distinguishing the difference between a positive gravity force and a measurement of the Casimir effect, at present considered only to be a short range effect, then you may be a recipient of a Nobel!

Sinkholes: electrical cause? Any relation to Kimberlite?

Just a note. As the sun continues in a low output state, with minimal sunspots, it is expected that these holes will proliferate.

Pole shifting or reversing?

Interesting review of the Hapgood theory.

I prefer the possibility that the earth turns "turtle" and continues to revolve, with some torsional stresses, "upside down" so that the sun appears to rise where it used to set. This explains the magnetic pole reversal if the magnetic field of the earth is caused by the sun itself, exerting an electric field as it does, and any conducting object in that field becomes magnetic.

The Hapgood theory is not necessarily invalid and may be correct, but insufficient. Good read!

The recent spread on the web of catastrophism may be more based on the need to pacify a potential revolutionary population around the world. If you terrify someone, they can become paralysed by the stress and less likely to take rational action. It is known that a reduction of intelligence occurs in stressed subjects. The 2012 business is flawed and seems to be part of such an operation to cow readers?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Economics the broken window theory

This is, like many of the nostrums of economics, false, a furfy in Australian terms, designed to mislead those in a position of power into validating activity that would correctly be described as vandalism.

The idea is that an economy can benefit from vandalism, as the repair of a window will make profits for various people ..... I hope that you, dear reader, see the problem? Replacing a useful product of labour does not actually increase wealth but does distract those affected. Beleive me. this is a valid economic theory!

In the hands of those who decide that Vietnamese heroin is a good idea and then put in place a war in VietNam, we can easily see the justification: the war effort employs, creates activity and enables a new trade: Heroin from the Golden Triangle! Those behind the slaves who execute these policies get richer than ever. A sterling example of the Eisenhower Military Industrial Complex?

The weather is becoming worse, as it should, based upon Solar cycles. The world economy will soon lose some of the steam it still possesses. It is therefore logical to suppose that someone may take advantage? Weather is a recognized form of warfare. There are many treaties designed to prevent the use of weather control in war. America used excessive rainfall, created by its aircraft, during the VietNam experiment. Supposedly, it will never recur!

The difficulty is detection of this weather control? There is much anecdotal accusation that the HAARP and advanced radar facilities around the world can alter the atmosphere, which in turn causes weather.

After the Bali bombing, it is clear that being an ally of the USA can cost a country dearly?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

USA ramping up for war with brand new technology?

This is based upon the long term suppression of much raw science and certain technologies. They have been kept back in order to overwhelm a generational enemy. China, probably, as Islam is really not a military problem that requires any new technology.

This is possibly weather based and certainly Electro-Magnetic in implementation. Possibly superfast stealth craft.

The good news is that it is a few years away......

Economists or shills?

The Austrian school of economists is detested by the bankers because they say that fractional reserve banking, the lending of money that the bank does not have, is the cause of inflation, distorting investment, costing those who do not have access to loans wealth and ensuring inevitable boom and bust.

Steve Keen from Australia is proving the cause of the depressions that occur. Again, most economists depend on the FIRE economy which always expands in times of a bubble. By the time they realize what you are saying, these economists are trapped in a lucrative but deceptive career. They disguise the effects of banking and protect bankers from attack. Most small shareholders do not realize that very old money, based on banking, actually controls all banks, even though they have voting rights they never manage to control a bank! How many individuals control the world through banking which funds all major industry? About 10,000 all told! They are the ones who prevent papasts from threatening their nests, always in “anglo” countries. The Vatican also has banking interests….. The Holy Roman Empire was mainly German. The Roman Empire never actually died …..

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dictators as saviour: a riposte to Jim Corr

Chavez was good, but why can he not interest anyone else to lead his revolution? Ego is not a good trip. He has to have others who know what needs to be done? If they took over occasionally, it would add legitimacy? It would also deepen the succession to the revolution? What happens if he is killed? Or is he just another bought and paid for psyop of the USA? They first try to bribe because assassination makes it clear what is happening. At least Putin has a partner. They tend to end up being part of the problem if they cannot involve the people themselves? If we ever get the chance to elect you Jim Corr, I hope you bear that in mind? Whom do you endorse among our current politicians if any? I always found that apart from some odd ideas, SF were genuinely part of their community. I would like to see more women involved in politics, especially if they are not sisters or daughters of politicians.