Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pentax/Ricoh 25mm F1: 1.4 C Mount lens

This lens is designated C but is also a B lens, meaning it can cover a one inch sensor in Ricoh parlance. C lenses normally are 2/3 inch sensor lenses.

Tiny lens, one inch wide and one and one half long. While convenient, this means controlling the aperture and focus requires care as the lens is so small.

It will focus to 11 inches and through to infinity. F1.4 to F22.

On a m4/3 sensor, it suffers degraded performance at the corners, with some darkening, merely loss of light, as well. But in video mode, and 16:9 this is unnoticeable except for critics. Very fine resolution. I attach samples.

The first is 100% of the last shot at one foot away. The grass is F8, showing darkening and depth of focus without much diffraction. Trees are 1.4 bouquet demo.

Currently, this retails for $80 in USA.