Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fiat currency

$US, GBP and Euro will all fall against the $AU. Possibly they will reach parity.....!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Magnetic reversal in 2012?

The science on this is far from settled. Some scientists would have us believe that the earth is a bar magnet, caused by some rotation of the iron-nickel hypothetical core in the earth. Others consider that there are massive electrical charges involved. The oldest history records an instance of the sun appearing to go down in the east. It does not explicitly say that after that, it continued in the old or the new way, but it suggests that the process was hours long only. Obviously the old testament was written by those who survived whatever chaos ensued and they may have been far away enough to not observe anything worth recording. Some tidal problems are the least that would occur? I also recall a TV program from 20 years ago that showed an american burial ground where half the graves faced one direction and half the other direction. There was no apparent cultural disruption or explanation, but we now could assume a reversal. If so, it was within the last 5,000 years or so and we have no forensic evidence of it, which we would expect to find if it was stable enough to last for any length of time, in the newly solid rock record at the expansion cracks on the ocean bottom. While I am sceptical of the aging method's accuracy, I do think we should find some record. So it is rather up in the air?

Ayn Rand loved Monster Hickman?


In her notes for The Little Street, Rand echoed a theme used by the Left. She wrote:

“Yes, he is a monster—now. But the worse he is, the worst must be the cause that drove him to this. Isn’t it significant that society was not able to fill the life of an exceptional, intelligent boy, to give him anything to out-balance crime in his eyes? If society is horrified at this crime, it should be horrified at the crime’s ultimate cause: itself. The worse the crime—the greater it’s guilt. What would society answer, if that boy were to say: “Yes, I’m a monstrous criminal, but what are you?”

Mysterious radio waves .........


Do not read that article too seriously! "They do not know" is the best summary of it!

Having found something odd they lack a coherent theory as they have gone down a blind alley, neglecting all electrical phenomena in space for a reliance on the weakest of the so called four fundamental forces. Gravity?

One give-away is that the jet appears to be moving at 4 times light speed. YES! This just means that astronomers have miscalculated how far away these objects are. They are therefore 5 times closer than stated!

Electric Universe and Fractal Universe are far more reliable theories of how our universe actually works!

Asteroids, use for war?

The USA is so liked and adored internationally that it continually researches weapons of mass destruction. Should NASA land upon an asteroid, it will not take much to put an ion engine upon it and bring it nearer to the earth orbit. A chain of these will enable quicker use of the asteroids, a conveniently placed resource, a planet split into bite size chunks with ores, gems etc readily detectable and exploitable, once the tyranny of distance is conquered. Even language tends to warfare?

The closer the less useful bodies come to earth, the more useful they will be as a means of continent destruction. Until that time, they may be used as stepping stones to the planets, enabling trajectories to the solar system's resources.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Surveillance in Britain


Interesting that this was relgated to a single sex interest part of the paper?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Australian Rockefellers


Economic warfare by derivative


Economic warfare.

Clearly, the EU and its constituent municipal parts, are engaged in battle. But with whom? The taxpayers versus “fat cats” who lost control over management, who sold weapons of mass financial destruction? I know who will win, but in the meantime, capitalism is in doubt.

Those who lost control will lose billions. They were stupid and did not understand the potential of derivatives. Ultimately all laws, enforcing private property, are backed by force. Bankers who break the rules will be faced by bankers who could understand what was happeneing and who controlled their capital.

This group may even have invented derivatives …….. they will be operating through state structures and will annihilate those who left control to managers who may change sides. Individuals do not matter, for the bulk of us, we will have to muddle through until it is all sorted out.

Any one agree?

Censored site! http://www.paltelegraph.com


Who knows what they are saying? Blocked!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear **$$pat$$**,

Hi Pat. I just clicked on your user ID to see where you were from, as I have a lot of international interest, when I noticed that you suffer from chronic fatigue and depression. I've suffered the same for many years, having no energy, tiredness, dizziness and general lethargy, which makes you want to stay indoors and sleep, which in turn ostrecizes you from society, leads to depression (amongst all the other crap life has to offer). Over the past 4 or 5 weeks I've been taking Vitamin D3 at a doseage of 10'000 IU as well as organic hemp seeds and a multivitamin and mineral suppliment. I have REALLY noticed the change in both my physical and mental
wellbeing, so thought I would share this with you, as it may be beneficial to you. I've also been avoiding bad things like aspartame (sweetner),sodium fluoride (toxic is an understatement!), sodium nitrate (meat preservative) and Fructose-Glucose corn syrup (sweetner). Good luck in the auction and your recovery! Kindest regards, Aaron


Hi Aaron!
Thank you for your kind thoughts. Vitamin D is essential and I am in one of the sunniest countries, but still do not take enough sunshine. You are aware that there are several types of Vit D in pill form? Some are better than others, so try different types. Chatter says that some are deficient? I am now getting feelings again, that I have not had fro 10 years or so. Early days, but Australia has many sports and political figures who have recently come out, resigning, or taking time off but all talking about it. It helps. I have a very close pet. A cockatoo. He has been a boon.
I still get exhausted easily. For many years, when I was working, I was hypomanic. I was very effective at work, but could not shed the stress. I am now retired and in a new country. It is fabulous here, but I am imprisoned in a poisoned mind. Slow progress. Thanks again.
My most pleasurable pastime is to sit by the seaside and let strangers get to know my cockatoo. I still have my family, but I seem to have cut myself off to a degree? They do not want to help me much. Bad thoughts, eh?


Ron Paul


It is possible he will usher in the new Hitler, but he sounds soooo GOOD!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why stability may destabilize!

In the GFC there is a continuous stream of propaganda from TPTB.
There is always a legitimate need for stability. This is in fact needed more when things are getting worse, as they are and will.

The possibility that the crises were predictable with predictable and manipulable consequences may have occurred to more than me? Who is behind this matters nothing if there is no one. But if there isn’t? If it is economic warfare? There appear to be factions within the ranks of the ungodly.

Going by history, impoverishment of the soldiery helps increase recruitment success. A large enough threat to the EU would accelerate the creation of the EA, the European Armed forces. Even without conscription, recruitment from poorer areas of the EU will be high. Do the mouthpieces know what is coming? I doubt it. But they can be inspired by the cry of “security” of the status quo. So expect all manner of support for rubbish merely because there is a closing of ranks.

My point is that this is merely part of a process, one that may last two decades. For example, suppose that Islam spreads and threatens usury? Bankers, the sine qua non of all warfare, may feel threatened. I refer to those who actually own massive capital and have been bankers for generations. They have a legitimate right to respond as western success has been through their efforts, distasteful though they may be.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Criminal Law

Although a lawyer by trade, practising only with the taxpayer as my client, I detest the multiplicity of laws. It is almost as bad as banking for restriction of liberty.

The criminal law has been over extended and as a result we have costly unproductive prisons with many persons damaged for life. Crimes are detestable. But not all infractions are criminal even though it suits the state to pretend that it is so. We can rule more easily, if we divide the population into good and bad. We can blame those we call bad for many social ills caused by bad government, usually over government.

So "we" pass laws as a result of incidents spun by the media. Restrictions abound for ordinary citizens.

Real acts of criminality are called business decisions and those who destroy hundreds and thousands of lives retire tio wealth unimaginable by their victims.

Sovereign repudiation of debt, yet?

Yes. There is a distinct probability that Greece and others will renegotiate debt. It makes sense when we look at what is going to happen and how it has happened. The idea that there is an unpredictable business cycle and that banks were merely badly run is a canard. Once this is fully appreciated, then the term to use is economic warfare.

Those who controlled capital and access by banks thereto, are responsible for the bubbles formed. They knew it was happening and it can be proven that they discouraged and sabotaged efforts to prevent it ever since, at least, 1999.

Therefore, sovereigns, having taken responsibility, naively or otherwise, are entitled to take this guilt into account when considering repayment. The best way to do this is to reacquire the capital taken by the other side, and then negotiate from a position of strength and keep the economies concerned disrupted to the minimum. However, the inflation has also benefitted countries, although Ireland was lazy, greedy and astupid, the real uninflated activity will be far less than currently in the FIRE sector of the economy. Some collapse there is inevitable and nothing good comes from delay.

Nama is a waste of time and money. But it can be sorted out in due course. Probably behind closed doors.

In the meantime, fiat currencies must devalue. Norway, Australia, etc are almost gold currencies. They too may be vulnerable, if badly led. Interesting times. Many forces will be acting to make their agenda effective. Rigging markets is the least of it, but it will be widespread.

Polish President perishes! Putin pursues plot.


TPTB may be very stupid, betimes. They should choose their lackies better, having one that routinely endangers his own and others' life seems to be an opportunity to terminate an elected appointment fairly violently, albeit at a cost.

But then perhaps that was why he was chosen?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Colin Hill Fractals EM


Wonderful illustrations, that document his highly beleivable thesis about how all matter and energy is organized in the one Universe.

Very easily read account of how chaos becomes regular throughout galaxies down to cells and to atoms.

Read it!


Electro-magnetic force plays a massive role in upheavals upon and in the earth. Our local star is highly variable outside the visual "window" in the EM spectrum. Huge streams of ionized Hydrogen, protons, are ejected from the equatorial regions of the sun. Electrons are gathered in by the sun at the polar regions. Any ionized stream of particles, gaseous liquid or solid, is more properly called plasma, the so called fourth state of matter. It is thought of as a seperate state, but electric currents flow through all states.

The boundary layer,between two states, is where most obvious detectable flows can be detected. The star has a double layer, that insulates it from surrounding space most of the time. When it is disrupted, the CME Coronal Mass Ejections, occur. Given the enormous and varying temperatures of the particles, some of which may be Li or He ions, the travel time to impact on a planet can be 30 minutes or 0.25 c, to days for the earth.

The earth is partly protected by its own EM shields, called the Van Allen belts. There are usually two. Breaches are rare and disastrous. Usually impacts are channelled to the higher latitudes. There they excite Aurorae. They can also power the jet streams, 500km ph wind streams that are ionized. This is a major driver of weather and earthquake and vulcanism on the earth.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


“Banking” and “crisis”.

Go together like a horse and carriage.
There is a reason for that. Whenever there are economic losers there are often winners as well. As a result, there are those who press for reform and those who, lacking the maturation process of loss, cry “again, Daddy, again!”

Why pretend that we do not know the cause? Because if we admitted the cause, banking would become a public service, regulated at every level. Guaranteed not to fail. With no competitors, because crisis and banking go together!

Few jobs for “professionals” as there would be very little “judgement required”. Less excitement and fewer FIRE jobs, but safe.

We like it so.


There are two sides. Those who make money from banking and those who lose. Whose side are you, dear reader, on?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Venus, a source of enormous power.


This planet is the subject of any number of lies, presented as fact. The true science however, in no way invalidates the Velikovskyian theories. Louis Hissink has found a further rebuttal of one or more of these lies.

It has impact for the earth AGW also.