Thursday, September 22, 2011

Censored article on PopSci Chinese research on RNA in food

We Incorporate Genetic Information From the Food We Eat, New Study Finds

By Paul Adams Posted 09.20.2011 at 3:38 pm 23 Comments

Sushi [puamelia]
Research at Nanjing University has found that strands of RNA from vegetables make it into our bloodstream after we eat them, and can regulate the expression of our genes once they're inside us.

MicroRNAs, or miRNAs, are little strands of RNA that selectively bind to matching sequences of messenger RNA, resulting in repression of those genes. Their role has only been understood in the last decade or so, but miRNAs are currently believed to take part in a vast number of processes in both plants and animals.

Chen-Yu Zhang and colleagues found plant miRNA sequences in the tissue of animals that ate those plants. One of them, called MIR168a, is produced by rice and abundantly found in the blood of the Chinese humans studied. In experiments, MIR168a showed the ability to affect gene expression in mouse, inhibiting the liver's ability to filter out LDL, the lipoprotein with the street name of "bad cholesterol."

This finding reveals an entirely new mechanism of physiological interaction, which could have significant medical applications as a therapeutic vector as well as explaining processes that are poorly understood (Zhang's example is Chinese herbal medicine). MicroRNA is also used in the genetic engineering of crops, as a method of RNA interference.

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09/20/11 at 3:45 pm
you are what you eat. I was told time and time again. It was proven right time and time again.

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09/20/11 at 4:01 pm
I find this very interesting because I'm sure that everyone is like Midoman in hearing this time and time again, I know I have. I wish there was a link to find out more, does anyone know if the results have been published yet or is Popsci just telling us this has happened/going on?

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09/20/11 at 4:09 pm
i kind of always knew this. seeing how when i eat healthy food i usually feel better. and junk food just makes me sad.

The people of the world only divide into two kinds, One sort with brains who hold no religion, The other with religion and no brain.

- Abu-al-Ala al-Marri

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09/20/11 at 4:26 pm
I wonder how much of our DNA is destroyed/changed from cooked animal meat. That is why I'm vegan.

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09/20/11 at 4:45 pm
I wonder how much worse plant DNA is for us. Thats why I'm a carnivore.

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09/20/11 at 5:26 pm
I wonder how bad meat and plants are for us? That is why I don't eat.

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09/20/11 at 5:35 pm
I hope we can synthesize food from petroleum soon so we get no DNA in our meals.

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Arta Wing
09/20/11 at 5:37 pm
^ are the machines among us? you better watch out! >:)

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09/20/11 at 6:35 pm
Hmmm... it would appear the corn I ate last night was not fully incorporated into my RNA.

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09/20/11 at 7:15 pm
Could this explain skin color changes over several generations caused by a certain diet available from the immediate environment? How about facial features, intelligence, obesity, and lifespan?

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09/20/11 at 7:17 pm
Which reminds me ... maybe non-kosher foods are such because they were unfit for our evolution? *cough*

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09/20/11 at 7:30 pm
@boka did you notice that they mentioned that rice has a bad effect on the liver? Last time I checked rice isn't cooked animal meat.

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09/20/11 at 9:26 pm
I wonder how much of our DNA is destroyed/changed from cooked animal meat. That is why I'm a cannibal.

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09/20/11 at 9:43 pm
I wonder what gm crops actually do to us. I'm sure the truth will come out eventually. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction right? The action being modifying crops for better yield, resistance, etc. What could the opposite of that be?

Blow up a balloon really big and it makes a child happy. But eventually the balloon pops. Inject energy in a seemingly positive way, energy explodes back in your face in a negative way. That's the way things work.

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09/20/11 at 10:50 pm
i eat humans so i stay human. "f***ing smart."

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09/21/11 at 3:53 am
What is the secret of Soylent Green?

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09/21/11 at 9:59 am
Is it best to eat my own arm? Would this be perpetual existence? I know what my foot taste like. I often put it in my mouth. It doesn’t taste well. I imagine other people feet are bad too.

I am bored each time the word Soylent Green comes around.
I prefer a good old fashion human milk shake, don't you? If you worked for a company that makes human milk shakes, how nervous would you be as you come closer to retirement?

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09/21/11 at 10:24 am
Bravo! Great thread!

I wonder how much DNA is destroyed/changed by eating meat. That is why no animals like to eat humans.

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09/21/11 at 10:40 am
Being that everyone here is basically trolling and trying to start a vegan/not debate, I would like to say one thing to the people out there..

You people who are saying that eating human would be best, actually being that it ends up to cause major changes in your body and eventually kills you, I would think not.. Putting a foreign RNA into you may or may not have effects on you because the body incorporates it, but it couldn't do much with it because of how foreign it is.

Human on the other hand would be very very similar, so in essence you would be mixing your own RNA with someone else's, and because it is so similar the body WILL know what to do with it and will start manufacturing with it, thus causing many mutations that will eventually kill you. Isn't that great? Now if you were to eat yourself I see no problem with this, and if you don't feel like cutting yourself into chunks, I will gladly cut off your limbs and feed them to you.

With love, Shakou~

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09/21/11 at 12:54 pm
I love my veggies, fruits and grains with meat at the bottom. Junk food is evil incarnate, but I like that too on occasion. Yes, I believe in the long run we are affected by what we eat.

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09/21/11 at 2:10 pm
Wonder what GMO pushers Monsanto think of this. Hahaha. Gmos are a bad idea until we have done Many Many more studies, things like this, and its effects on the local ecosystem, really need to be weighted before we jump in head first, then again corporate money motivated businesses don't really care about that.

We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are. ~Anais Nin~

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Arta Wing
09/21/11 at 4:41 pm
@1134 love the thumbnail :D
@ Shakou,
good thinking. i've never thought of it that way before.
I'd say our bodies are designed to incorporate random RNA into our DNA, like a neural network, which is like our brains, right? maybe All carbon based life forms work like that? Neural networks besides brains?

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09/21/11 at 10:02 pm
I really think we should all learn to till the land, compost, and above all, grow our own food from seeds we *know* not to be genetically engineered by the likes of agribusiness.

Be careful people - if we don't we lose our connection to the earth that gave us birth. I trust her before I trust any man.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Clathrates-research-ignition conditions

Bull about climate warming. It takes centuries for warmth to reach ocean bottoms and then there is the pressure! PV and T? Boyle?

Useful, but ignores abiotic oil theory, that CH4 comes from earth's interior as with all planets. Thus they may be underestimating the amounts! It is clear from the article as at 2011, that oil companies are very familiar with clathrates as a problem with their production of oil etc. Useful further sources therein.
One link from the above has been censored for mention of clathrates etc! Cleaner was not thorough enough?

useful but cluttered with climate hysteria.
At high temperature, hydrocarbon fuels break into hydrogen and carbon. Such technique could be extra-useful if the carbon forms nanotube structures. In collaboration with Dr. Saha's research group, Gautam is trying to compute the carbon nanotube production rate in such a process. This project focuses on producing hydrogen from hydrocarbon without generating the greenhouse gases. Further studies will include the possibility of using solar energy in the proposed hydrogen generation. In collaboration with Dr. Pala, both solar-thermal as well as solar-photoelectrochemical routes are now being investigated.

Possibly the presence of diamond and buckyballs would have been the pursuit of the UK research vessel sent to Aceh in 2005? Results not published!

It seems that no research is possible, except in a laboratory that does not publish its results, ie government controlled. Release of the results would be only to the oil companies associated with that government. And to the navy, including allied navies? Therefore it is a known unknown or entirely impossible to ascertain without direct intelligence, which is clearly unlikely.

Consequently, those who encounter clathrates may find surprizes! The Aceh scenario, where USSN was damaged by the unexpected size of either explosion or expansion of gases, still holds. Reference has been made on the web to Bush Jr removing certain scientific findings from the web. Were these the clathrates research previously published?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Clathrates-research-ignition conditions

Bull about climate warming. It takes centuries for warmth to reach ocean bottoms and then there is the pressure! PV and T? Boyle?

Useful, but ignores abiotic oil theory, that CH4 comes from earth's interior as with all planets. Thus they may be underestimating the amounts! It is clear from the article as at 2011, that oil companies are very familiar with clathrates as a problem with their production of oil etc.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Consumerism in practice

To fuel the welfare state, money is vital and therefore transactions involving others enable taxes to be collected at little cost. As the consumer economy falters, based upon unsustainable credit creation that has ceased and now sucks the life from the economy, we must become familiar with barter and greater time with less cash/money/credit!

Food vouchers do not require money, except that those who retail it must have that to buy from the wholesaler.

Swap meets and growing own food and mending and making do will again be popular. The alternatives are not pretty, as prisons will be shut down even in America the home of the locked up slave!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Who pays for the depression?

Ultimately,Bush and Greenspan opened the faucets and ensured a credit boom, postponing the depression by 7 years.

They deepened and lengthened the depression by their deliberate acts, enabling profits to be stolen from capital that does not now exist. They knew that liars loans would live down to their reputation. It enabled a sacking of American households and to ensure that this happened quickly, they encouraged the sale of the pig to everyone who could offer capital, taking down the rest of the world.

How can the aggrieved recover from America? How can America pay?

There is the idea that D. Rockefeller is trying to bring in a world government by these means. The only certain way that revolution can be prevented is by such a system. But if this system does not come about, and there are many who have been vocal in opposing this for years, what then? People will not forget what America has done. Pax Americana, with the odd death squad and illicit drug ring, may be accounted for? Or curtailed.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A copy of the Tarpley post in case it goes astray!

Four Years Later: The Kennebunkport Warning of August 2007 Confirmed by Dick Cheney in his New Autobiography
Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
August 31, 2011

This week marks the fourth anniversary of the Kennebunkport Warning, whose text the reader will find elsewhere on this web site, together with related documentation. The Kennebunkport Warning of late August 2007 sought to prevent a false flag terror operation designed by the US-UK rogue network to facilitate an attack on Iran and/or Syria. Today, four years later, world events have come full circle, and we must once again be on guard for a new and wider war in the same region. This might take the form of an attack by Turkey on Syria, organized in advance with the NATO command and occurring under the cover story of events inside Syria, where an uprising of armed commandos of the Moslem Brotherhood now appears to have been largely quelled by the Syrian Army.

In order to attack Syria without being portrayed as an aggressor, Turkey will need a better pretext. Given the traditions of NATO, it is likely that an attempt will be made to furnish such a pretext in the form of a false flag terror event inside Turkey to be blamed on Syria or Hezbollah, or in the form of an staged Gulf of Tonkin incident to permit the charge that Syria attacked Turkey first. Or, a large massacre of Moslem Brotherhood supporters inside Syria could be carried out in reality or merely simulated on a Hollywood set in Doha, Qatar, to motivate an invasion based on humanitarian grounds.

Cheney’s June 2007 Demand for an Attack on Syria

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney is about to publish his autobiography, In My Time. Here, according to pre-publication press accounts, Cheney describes his June 2007 attempt to convince Bush to launch a bombing attack on Syria over the alleged Syrian nuclear program. Cheney says that he raised the issue, apparently at a meeting of the National Security Council. Bush asked if there was any support for the idea, and there was none. So, Cheney’s attempt to launch the attack on Syria by way of legal and institutional channels failed.

Here is part of Cheney’s account:

“‘I again made the case for US military action against the reactor,’ Mr. Cheney writes of a June 2007 White House meeting on the issue. ‘But I was a lone voice. After I finished, the President asked, ‘Does anyone here agree with the Vice-President?’ Not a single hand went up around the room.” In the event, the site was destroyed three months later by Israeli warplanes.” (London Independent, August 26, 2011,

Cheney does not relate in his book what happened then. The US rogue network (variously referred to as invisible government, secret government, parallel government, or deep state – of which Cheney is a spokesman, operative, or appendage), having been rebuffed by the legal government in the form of the Bush NSC, characteristically sought to carry out the desired attack anyway, by illegal means.

It was around July 21, 2007 that I posted on the internet an article entitled “Cheney Determined to Strike in US.” This article became the headline story on the front page of the Rock Creek Free Press, and was thus widely distributed in boxes all over Washington DC, especially around Metro stations.

During August 2007, “Cheney Determined to Strike in US” was a very accurate description of the central political reality. This is what Cheney has now confirmed for us in his autobiography.

The Rogue B-52, Hijacked by the Parallel Government

Rogue network personnel embedded in the US Air Force hijacked a US Air Force B-52 intercontinental strategic bomber equipped with six nuclear-armed cruise missiles and flew it from Minot AFB in Colorado to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana, the latter being the main point of departure for US flights to the Middle East. This flight was made totally outside of the command and control procedures of the US Air Force; it was an invisible government operation. It is clear that this rogue B-52 was intended to join the Israeli attack on Syria, which did in fact occur at the end of the first week of September, 2007.

Fortunately, the flight of this hijacked rogue B-52 towards the Middle East was blocked on the runway at Barksdale. This was done partly by rival intelligence factions, whose clash enveloped official Washington in a test of wills. In the end, the neocon faction was defeated, and the Brzezinski faction gained the upper hand.

In the background, it is entirely possible that the Kennebunkport Warning, for which signatures had been organized by Bruce Marshall and others, was on its way to being posted on over 110,000 websites, contributed something to blocking the flight of the rogue B-52.

In the wake of these events, a number of individuals and web sites in the 9/11 truth movement outdid themselves in condemning not the faction behind Cheney, but rather the Kennebunkport Warning and its supporters. They should have been agitating for an immediate investigation of the rogue B-52, which might have exposed some of the tentacles of the rogue network, which has remained more or less untouched. By their actions, these individuals and web sites helped usher in the substantial collapse of the 9/11 truth movement, which largely fell apart during 2008 and 2009.

The following summary of issues around the Kennebunkport Warning, written in October 2007, sums up the lessons of these events.

The Kennebunkport Warning And The Rogue B-52 – Confirmation With A Vengeance

By Webster G. Tarpley
October 8, 2007

The events of August and September 2007 now allow us to evaluate the accuracy of the August 26 Kennebunkport Warning, which generated much attention and controversy from the moment it was issued. The preliminary verdict of history is now in, and establishes the Kennebunkport Warning as one of the most remarkable successes of open source intelligence forecasting in recent decades. It may even have directly helped to disrupt Cheney’s plan for a nuclear sneak attack on Iran.

The Kennebunkport Warning was written in the afternoon of August 24, 2007. Support signatures were obtained in Kennebunkport, Maine later on August 24, and primarily on August 25. The document was sent out to a list of recipients in the US and abroad just before midnight eastern time on Sunday, August 26. The first known internet posting was on the Jeff Rense web site (, where the document appeared before midnight Pacific time on Sunday, August 26. The Kennebunkport Warning was thus in public view all day on Monday, August 27.

On Tuesday, August 28, Bush signaled an escalation of tensions with Iran in a raving speech before the American Legion convention in Kansas. Here he warned that the Middle East now lay in the shadow of a “nuclear holocaust” because of the Iranian nuclear program. He accused Iran of acting as a state sponsor of terrorism, intervening against the US forces in Iraq, and also made allegations about Iran as a backer of Hezbollah and Hamas. Diplomatic observers recognized that this tirade constituted an important intensification of US threats against Iran.

On Wednesday, August 29, Bush’s threats moved a step towards fulfillment as US Air Force personnel loaded six cruise missiles onto the wing mounts of a B-52 intercontinental strategic bomber at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. Each of the missiles carried a nuclear warhead of between 5 and 150 kilotons of explosive power. Reportedly because of mechanical problems, the loading process took some 8 hours.

On Thursday, August 30, the rogue B-52, with its cargo of six deadly nuclear-armed cruise missiles, made the 3.5 hour flight across the US to Barksdale, Louisiana. Barksdale is the number two US headquarters for nuclear warfighting, second only to Offutt AFB in Nebraska. Barksdale is also the jumping-off base for direct B-52 bombing runs into the Middle East, a role which Barksdale played in the shock and awe campaign in Iraq in the spring of 2003. By the time the rogue B-52 reached Barksdale, cataclysmic events were not far off. This was exactly the kind of situation which the Kennebunkport Warning, which by that time had been circulating on the internet for about three and a half days, had been concerned about.

At around this time, the rogue B-52 and its cargo appear to have come to a halt. Between the late afternoon of August 30 and the public announcement of the rogue B-52 incident on the afternoon of September 5, we enter a gray area which requires much further investigation. According to Wayne Madsen, it was a “revolt and push-back” by Air Force personnel determined to block a wider war in the Middle East from being set off by a nuclear sneak attack, with support from elements of the intelligence community, which blocked the rogue B-52 from proceeding towards a possible appointment with Armageddon in Iran or elsewhere in that region. This was exactly the case of loyal and patriotic military people refusing to obey an illegal order which the Kennebunkport Warning had pointed to less than four days earlier. As Madsen writes: “elements of the Air Force, supported by US intelligence agency personnel, successfully revealed the ultimate destination of the nuclear weapons and the mission was aborted due to internal opposition within the Air Force and the US Intelligence Community.” (“Air Force Refused to Fly Weapons to Middle East Theater,” September 24, 2007, Wayne Madsen Report.)

The Kennebunkport Warning thus represents an exceptionally successful effort to alert public opinion to a grave and imminent danger. Precisely the dangerous situation the Kennebunkport Warning talked about occurred in reality less than four days after the document had been posted on the internet. The Kennebunkport Warning must be acknowledged as accurate, timely, necessary, and indispensable for anyone seriously interested in stopping a wider war with irreversible consequences.

On July 21, posted an analysis entitled “Cheney Determined to Strike in US with WMD This Summer.” This article was published as the front page story of the Rock Creek Free Press, and was displayed in news boxes in the Washington DC subway during August and into September. With the exposure of the rogue B-52 affair, this warning was also fully vindicated.

But there may be a further dimension. It cannot be excluded that the loyal and patriotic military and intelligence people who blocked the plan of the Cheney clique to use the nuclear cruise missiles in the Middle East, or even against a target or targets in the United States, had some how been encouraged to act by having seen the Kennebunkport Warning. The period of August 30 to September 5, when the crucial actions regarding the rogue B-52 would have had to occur, corresponds precisely to the maximum diffusion of the Kennebunkport Warning on the internet. On September 1, a Google search indicated that the Kennebunkport Warning was either posted in full or was mentioned on 72,000 web sites worldwide. By September 2, this figure had risen to 102,000 web sites. On September 3, the maximum diffusion of 110,000 web sites was attained. These figures do not include e-mailings and other forms of attention generated by the vast interest and lively controversy generated by the document. In any case, those who stopped the nukes from going to the Middle East are unsung heroes who deserve recognition.

On September 5, the US Air Force made a public announcement of the rogue B-52, which is quickly the subject of dispatches by Agence France Presse, The Army Times, The Air Force Times, and other wire services and web sites. Considerable press interest was generated, but, so far as is known, not one member of Congress or presidential candidate of either major party has lifted a finger to start the obviously imperative in-depth investigation of the entire incident, including the half-dozen deaths which may be a result of this incident. These deaths include:

Airman First Class Todd Blue, 20 years old, died Wyethville, Virginia, September 12
Two people from Barksdale Air Force Base (names unknown), died Caddo Parish, Louisiana, September 15
Airman Adam Barrs, aged 20, killed in an auto crash in Minot, July 5
Air Force 1st Lt. Weston Kissel, 28, B-52 pilot assigned to the 23rd Bomb Wing at the Minot base, killed in a motorcycle crash in Tennessee (date unknown)
Air Force Capt. John Frueh (age unknown), found dead in Skamania County, Washington state, September 2
On September 6, the Syrian News Agency SANA announced that the Israeli Air Force had mounted an incursion into the air space of northern Syria, and had jettisoned drop tanks and bombs along the Syrian-Turkish border. The Turkish Foreign Ministry protested the objects that had fallen on Turkish territory. The Israelis first denied, but later admitted, that this illegal incursion, an ipso facto act of aggressive war, had taken place. Middle East experts estimated that the Israelis had been probing the Syrian and Iranian air defenses, but that they had been driven off by the new and superior Russian air defense systems now fielded by these two countries. This meant that the US-UK-Israeli model of air blitzkrieg was now in crisis, just as the Israeli land blitzkrieg technique had been defeated by Hezbollah in Lebanon in the summer of 2006. To cover up this humiliating defeat, the Israelis later concocted a story that this had been a successful air attack on a nuclear facility operating in Syria with North Korean assistance; this silly tale was then retailed by neocon John Bolton and also by warmonger Democrat Hillary Clinton in a candidates’ debate. But any bombing of a nuclear facility would have had to produce a cloud of radioactive nuclear debris, which would have been registered by Iran, Pakistan, India, Russia, China, Japan, or some other state in the region. Since no such reports have ever come to light, it must be assumed that the Israeli story was fabricated in an attempt to cover up the repulse of the Israeli jets.

According to Madsen, the rogue B-52′s cruise missiles were very likely linked to the Israeli sneak attack: “WMR has learned that a US attack on Iran using nuclear and conventional weapons was scheduled to coincide with Israel’s September 6 air attack on a reputed Syrian nuclear facility in Dayr-az-Zwar, near the village of Tal Abyad, in northern Syria, near the Turkish border. Israel’s attack, code named OPERATION ORCHARD, was to provide a reason for the US to strike Iran.”

On Friday, September 7, Joseph Cirincione is interviewed on the Bill Press morning show on Air America. Cirincione argues that transporting nuclear missiles by air is an exceedingly rare occurrence. It emerges that the US Air Force officially ceased air transport of nuclear weapons around 1968, partly as a result of crashes and lost bombs in the US, Spain, and elsewhere.
Shortly after this, the US Air Force announced a highly unusual stand-down of the entire USAF for Friday, September 14. The announced goal was to have all units at all levels review operating procedures and safeguards having to do with the handling of nuclear weapons.

On Sunday, September 23, the Washington Post published a front page article above the fold which offered a sanitized version of the rogue B-52 story. Even in this sanitized form, an article of this sort would normally have been enough to trigger a congressional investigation, with hearings and witnesses subpoenaed to testify under oath. But the Democratic leadership has done nothing to force such a probe ­ meaning in effect that the Cheney clique has paid no real price for an attempt to start a nuclear war! This active complicity of the Democratic Party in war and genocide, typified by the neocon-warmonger candidacy of Mrs. Clinton (the new Thatcher) mightily encourages the Cheney clique to have another go at World War III.

On Monday, September 24, Wayne Madsen Report posted a story which concluded that “the B-52 transporting six stealth AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles, each armed with a W-80-1 nuclear warhead, on August 30, was destined for the Middle East via Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. [] It is now apparent that the command and control breakdown, reported as a BENT SPEAR incident to the Secretary of Defense and White House, was not the result of command and control chain-of-command ‘failures,’ but the result of a revolt and push back by various echelons within the Air Force and intelligence agencies against a planned US attack on Iran using nuclear weapons.”

This report does not however mention the possibility that one or more of the cruise missiles was destined to be used against an American city, as prescribed by the Cheney Doctrine. A stealth cruise missile fired at night would be almost undetectable; all the public would see would be a nuclear fireball. Predictably, the target city would be swarming with patsies and dupes carrying large suitcases or trunks with “Al Qaeda” or “Osama Bin Laden” monograms. At that point, Cheney would have the “suitcase bomb” pretext he so ardently desires. Madsen also does not discuss the half-dozen people connected to the Minot or Barksdale Air Bases who had perished under mysterious circumstances between July and September 2007. But Madsen does stress one critical fact: according to reliable sources, one of the six nuclear-armed cruise missiles was reported missing in the course of the incident, and there was some indication that it was never found: “WMR has been informed by a knowledgeable source that one of the six nuclear-armed cruise missiles was, and still may be, unaccounted for. In that case, the nuclear reporting incident would have gone far beyond BENT SPEAR to a National Command Authority alert known as EMPTY QUIVER, with the special classification of PINNACLE.”

On October 2, David Swanson, an early critic of the Kennebunkport Warning, issued a statement on Iran entitled “Leading Americans,” with the signatures of a number of well-known personalities from politics, entertainment, and the arts. This belated statement is of course to be welcomed, but at the same time its weakness and narrowness, especially if compared to the Kennebunkport Warning, must also be pointed out. As soon as the Kennebunkport Warning had been published, Swanson challenged the notion that there was “massive evidence” of a false flag provocation by Cheney, to be used as a pretext to launch war with Iran. This new statement, coming five weeks after the Kennebunkport Warning, and thus too late to influence the rogue B-52 affair, now acknowledges the danger of an attack, and urges US military personnel to refuse to obey illegal orders. So far, so good. There is, however, no reference to the rogue B-52 incident, in which Air Force personnel have apparently done just what the statement urges. There is no reference to the question of a false flag attack. There are warnings against a “preemptive” attack on Iran, but Bush and Cheney, as well as their accomplice Mrs. Clinton, are already presenting the attack on Iran as retaliatory, aimed at stopping Iranian interference in Iran. Any US attack on Iran predicated on a false flag terror attack inside the US (as noted by Zbigniew Brzezinski in his Feb. 1 testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) would be portrayed as purely defensive. The Swanson statement therefore has an escape clause in it big enough for Cheney to sail an aircraft carrier battle group through. Instead of such an uncertain trumpet, we must state unequivocally: NO ATTACK ON IRAN, SYRIA, PAKISTAN, SUDAN, LEBANON, VENEZUELA, NORTH KOREA or any other country, including the United States, for any reason. False flag events must be attributed to Cheney, and not to the governments or forces accused and scapegoated by US-UK propaganda.

As for the scurrilous “Cosmos,” “Colonel Jenny Sparks,” “Arabesque,” and Michael Wolsey, to say nothing of their comrade in arms, the Ford Foundation’s favorite Chip Berlet, they have no interest in doing anything to stop the new 9/11 and the threatened war with Iran. Their sole focus is to harass and sabotage those who are undertaking action in that regard ­ and remarkably effective action it has turned out to be, despite the exertions of the wreckers.

We urge all persons of good will to support, endorse, and distribute the Kennebunkport Warning, which is fully as relevant today as when it was issued. Above all, it is necessary to agitate in every way possible to force a public investigation of the rogue B-52 case, which allows us to address both the impeachment of the current executive branch and blocking the planned war with Iran. In addition, all investigate journalists are called upon to contribute to the findings of the research written herein.

Libya another Iraq: A puppet regime of the west?