Saturday, April 23, 2011

Flipping the earth so east is west

"The researchers deduced this frequency using radio waves that flipped the orientation of the proton's magnet only when their frequency matched the precession frequency ("

The forces involved are not massive ......

Leonardo da Vinci

Marco Polo had breached the forbidden middle kingdom, bypassing the Musselman monopoly on trade with the east. This monopoly was eventually restored and Christofo Columbo set out to find a new route to China in 1492. In the time after Marco Polo, determined efforts were made to trade with China. Their skills and wealth and inventions were the stuff of legend! Eventually, the British East India Company laid waste to China by initiating the addiction of millions of Chinese to opium from fields established in Afghanistan, part of the territory that eventually became "The Raj".

The Chinese had a history of inventing many things but after appraising the impact they decided to suppress them. They had the fruits of bitter experience that such inventions had merely increased the sum of human unhappiness. Like the Catholic Church, the Chinese kept careful notes about the inventions and allowed scholars to study them. Possession of these note books, detailing all the inventions, was a prize for the westerners who came to China. When one of them was secured it was given to the artist and artisan from Vinci, who was a noted engineer and who could make a reality of them.

The Greeks too, had a history of eschewing engineering for slavery, as it kept idle hands occupied. The Romans tried a new system. It worked and continues to do so.

The origin of the anomaly of Basque language in Europe

Please read the Tower of Bab El.

All the survivors were deaf and unable to pass on their language to their children and other descendants. Only those who could foresee the approach of the planet and seek shelter would escape death and deafness.

Andorra is a small bishopric, a separate realm from Spain to the south and France to the north. I visited there, after a long and difficult road journey. It lies in a very deep gorge, and is surrounded by cliffs that reach 500 metres above the narrow river valley. This location was a natural massive "cave" that attenuated all sounds, as they would only reach the valley floor after many reflections protecting the inhabitants from the massive sonic compressions. Their language survived as they were able to pass it onto their children. They gained a massive competitive advantage over their human neighbours, able to teach their children all the skills that they possessed unlike their neighbours who were deaf.

What their neighbours came up with, eventually settled into the Indo-European group of languages as the children learned to speak to one another. This is the anomaly, not Basque!

Tower of Bab El

"Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth."

Genesis 11:9 KJV

Humans erected a tower to more closely observe the Gods: The planets. Their movements had damaged the earth and foreknowledge was regarded as vital. So observation buildings were constructed.

"And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top [may reach] unto heaven; "

Genesis 11:4 KJV

What happens once in nature frequently happens recurrently. Lightning often strikes the same place over and over again. Planetary orbits are predictable. The planet that came close to earth, the LORD, then loosed charge across thousands of miles, called a thunderbolt by the Greeks. This thunderbolt was accompanied by thunder, being the immediate and explosive expansion of air. The air pressure of modern bombs kills by compression of body organs, literally crushing the life out of the victims. Those further away are rendered permanently deaf.

Deafness was planet wide after the series of close planetary encounters! The survivors were able to reproduce, but their written and oral languages were useless: they could not teach their hearing children. Imagine the sadness of the loss of culture! No songs, no stories. Their children were condemned to begin another culture, based upon the old one. The generations were forever separated.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Origin of current earth?

While we know that there have been massive glacial melts, one in N America and the larger in Asia, with moraines and channels, we politely gloss over the causes. The latest theory sets out astronomical involvement based upon those micro-diamonds embedded in creatures and objects all buried at once, it seems. The brush of a planet would give rise to orogenesis and massive friction. Add the expanded earth then we may have had a direct hit, causing all sorts of gravitational anomalies, continental movements and wave action worldwide. The DNA geeks suggest we had a choke point 70,000 years ago when humans faced extinction, based presumably on some hypothetical common ancestor scenario. We are aware of vulanism at that time, but again that would be merely a symptom of a direct collision. The isotopes could all be off due to electrical incidences at the same time caused by "thunderbolt" action. I wonder what our ancestors, now buried under glacial waters 300 feet higher than when they lived, thought about this? We will only know when we seek out the answers at those depths.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Why booms and busts are inevitable ....?

The Federal Reserve system requires ever greater amounts of currency to be created because interest must be paid on the money created so inflation is guaranteed as the ever increasing amount of interest must also be created!

One of the commentators is confused by the involvement of bankers! Understandably, of course. The Australians used direct creation of credit/fiat during the 1930's to stimulate and reward infrastructure.

Bankers claim special knowledge and ability and sell their involvement to TPTB as a result. TPTB join in the assumption of wealth for as long as they know of the pact. The rentier bankers try to eliminate this knowledge!

The involvement of bankers is completely unnecessary. But the operation of fiat currency causes problems. They also act as a check upon politicians! Unrestricted democracy and vote winning

The point of such a monetary system is to spur on investment and win votes by inflation. But the malinvestment by the rentiers destroys all the temporary advantages. By keeping the rentier class small there is a natural check upon the bust.... But the malinvestments may continue? As measures of inflation neglect the asset bubbles, apart possibly from that of Steve Keen, it often proceeds until a bust is inevitable.

Reliance upon specie, however, can mean continual deflation. Politicians choose to be popular and to "create jobs"!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The tribes: DAN

Many Jews had to pose as christian to survive in Spain. There is also the Khazar nation which adopted Judaism, to avoid conflict with christian and Muslim neighbours. The Khazars are Aryan.... They pose as Jews. Some even believe they are. Others ally with whomever to take over. They are whom you mean!

Most jews, even Khazar, are innocent of everything except loyalty to a divisive issue. The Jewish homeland is Judea, to the south of Israel.

Everywhere the "Zionist" gangs go, they leave deliberately divisive issues, makes stealing from both sides easier!

The tribe of Dan gave their name to Danmark and also were identified as Greeks. "Danaos" is Latin. They provided the Aleph Bet to Europe as the Alpha Beta and reversed the direction of their writing to left to right from the Hebrew right to left!

Prince Philip of Greece is Danish. Her family comes from the border of Germany and Denmark.

The God of Dan is Baal, God of electricity and storm. YHWH is Judah's God, a war God.

God is reality

When the planet was almost destroyed and few people survived they made a determined effort to record and pass on what had happened. Eventually this was written down, almost unchanged from the oral history.

Thus, the "Creation" account in the Byblos is actually a witness account of the banishment of the planet from the massively benign influence of Saturn, the old God. A new God whose effects had to be recorded and estimated, was now evident: Sol! Night and Day now existed. And massive amounts of water had impacted the earth, creating the oceans. Mankind was exiled from the easy life, when plants grew 10 times as large in mass, as now. They now had to work and to organize that work.

The tree of life was an electrical phenomenon, between planets, disappearing with the new alignments and orbits.

As organization demands those who organize to be separate from those whom are organized, the doctrines of good and evil permeated all the languages. People were forbidden from some conduct and that was "evil". Desired conduct was good.

Anything that divides us, weakens us!

We respect persons, so we should their beliefs. But they have a right to speak up: 1st amendment etc

It is but they cannot see it as it is I believe, deliberately badly presented. The punishment is to live as everyone. Each life individually. Then you begin to know the true God. All the planets, all life.

That is the reward. That is the punishment. That is why there is no divine intervention. That is why people think that perhaps it is all a program. We are.

You are the proof. The insects are the proof. Bacteria are the proof!

We make our own heaven or hell while we live. When its over, we go back to where we were before we were born.

Richard, The implications are vast ...... we can rail against whomever, but we are attacking ourselves. It ends up being a justification for Christianity and Islam, regarding pacifism, love and submission. It is core Hindu teaching

It strongly suggests Manicheanism is false and divisive and a religion designed by those in power. Catholicism became that and puritanism is just an over-reaction

I have already shown you "GOD" ? You looked outside when you should look inside? Practical people are useful but need to develop that part you call metaphysical. You may be better off without it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Expanding Earth

We all know that South America can fit into West Africa? We are told by credulous scientists who would have doubted Wegener himself, that plate tectonics means the continents drifted apart. They are wrong. WE know that long ago, some say as long as 190Mn years ago, oceans were made. I believe they were made mere thousands of years ago and that eels and salmon among other animals, know that their breeding grounds, now in the middle of the Atlantic or Pacific oceans, were once much closer to their rivers.