Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Isn't it time for the real elites to exert more control?

Naturally, I mean you!


1 Are you elite?

2 How can you contribute?

Bees dying and mobile phones killing our children by glioma!

Faraday cages can be part of the fabric of a building and perhaps should be if we continue these experiments with EM radiation. Don't neglect talking to submarines, OTH radar and HAARP!

Then again, by far the largest source is the Sun! It is a variable star, but constant, relatively, in visible light. Solar variability is worsening and the parallels with stock prices etc, (before plunge protection teams!) is widely known.

EM is largely beneficial, but certain frequencies are sensitive as they resonate with "natural" systems that are used by living creatures. As we remain stubbornly uninterested in our EM nature, we are destined to foul up!

Oliver Heaviside "simplified" the Clerk-Maxwell equations as they were too dangerous, as shown by Tesla. Censorship in science is not new.


My main reason for being a libertarian is that government, by humans, enshrines human folly and creates inhumanity as the natural hierarchy is subverted by bureaucrats. These rent seekers acquire and dispense power based upon hiding examples of folly and are thus destined to fall over festooned with stupidity and protesting loudly that they were doing their best!

Fewer laws means more rights and fewer tragedies?

Debt mountains and their consequences!


There is a massive amount of debt in the world, far more than can be repaid. Is this a problem? Whose problem? Who is owed the debt? Who owes the debt? Who will determine what is to happen? Why is there no mechanism like personal bankruptcy for nations? Are nations the problem? Transaction costs caused by nations? Corruption as a transaction cost?

We all should be familiar with the "Island Bankster" paradox, by now?

Too much paper capital has been created by the money machine. Repaying is now too onerous and the inevitable is now evident?

Most of these paper claims will turn out like Weimar currency, to be worthless. Sanity requires an orderly disposal of these claims to assets which will simply not be, and in many cases, cannot be, surrendered.

It is a test, not merely of morality, but of intellect, to see those who espouse any other "solution".

It is an indictment of government that most of these claims end up in their hands! Anarchy is merely a recognition that many aspects of government are not merely worthless and wasteful, but damaging.

Let us repair the damage done to public perception of how we govern ourselves?

The quicker the better!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Voluntary slavery!

To sell oneself for a large sum of money has been common throughout the ages. But it requires that both parties are honourable. Indentured servitude is an openly known contract. To deceive one party is to invite open disruption of all contracts. Those who have much to lose seldom engage in dishonourable conduct as they know what happens as a result. To avoid being caught, the dishonourable therefore steal away all power in the state to enforce false agreements.

When dupes are made of ordinary people they are confused and damaged. By keeping them that way, productivity is damaged and the country declines. Suicides rise and rip apart all civilization: why kill oneself and leave one's children to suffer? Far more honourable to kill them also. All honour is inverted.


Stealing is wrong. It encourages lawlessness and revenge. It deprives workers of their hard won rewards. It enables the successful thief to pass himself, his wife and children off as morally superior to those from whom he has stolen.

It is easy to snatch goods or coin from another. To completely ruin him is even easier! To do that, you need the help of the victim! He has to be induced to part with all he saves! He should do this for ten or even twenty years.

For that the thief needs to own or direct a bank. That requires the complicity of those who pass laws.