Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are there evil men and women?

Every action contains both good and evil. By consulting with others before we act, the community suffers less evil and gains more than it loses. There is no fruit of the tree of the division between good and evil. It is a device used to divide communities and weaken them. By appealing to some that they must resist then more evil is created. By thoughy and planning we can reduce the evil that attends all action.

Those who set out to disturb communities, in order to steal from them, are evil. Even if they promise loans for everyone.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ron Paul

As an avowed Libertarian who hates laws, I feel strongly that America has hope in folks like Dr. Ron!

But. Hitler too had popular appeal. He was elected democratically after years of incompetent leadership and a massive currency crisis.....

Sounds familiar?

George Ure runs an interesting site

They prophecy via chatter on the web.

Hmmm, sounds familiar! Comes across os avuncular and skeptical, but chatter on the web? Also has a background in electronics and moved around a lot.......

What, CIA? Never!

I have followed the site religiously for years. Sometimes useful. Seems well tuned in and a mild truther and survivalist.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sender Bearle Joe Ehrlich

This was something I and others were reading years ago. Still relevant but some of it defeats me. Those new to the gangs that run the USA may need to read what was written!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Jet streams on the Sun herald the forthcoming solar maximum years before. The one associated with the maximum due in 2012 is three years overdue!

Maunder minimum warning!

MSM are mainly controlled by Khazar individuals, 80% or so.

Useful list of those who try to publish a truthful view from the point of those affected by the agenda of those who control our institutions. May be self serving or infiltrated by those who seek to control dissemination of lies and truth in our society.

Some, esp A Jones, are implicated in dissembling as an agent.

Jon Pilger, Geprge Washington and Willy Loman, William Black, Steve Keen and Paul DeGrazia also deserve to be on that list!

Icelandic Constitution my suggestions

Aceh fake quake meme picked up for FukuShima!

Very interesting story. No USN Sub involved this time? Perhaps they had learned from Aceh that clathrates are dangerous? Also no delay between reports of a 6 and a 9 level quake? Why attack nuclear power? Why Japan? Thin on motive.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


For those who want to have permanent war, conscription is to be avoided. Too many people involved. Do that for too long and people start to realize that the idolatry of the sacrifice of the fallen is merely to prevent the survivors, struck with guilt, from questioning why they all had to die.

Once the slaves realize how many they are and how few the controllers are, the game is up! That is why they must constantly divide the masses and cause them to be concerned with everything else but their control by greedy thieves.

How can we tell that greedy thieves are in control? Is it very difficult? Follow the money, did you say?

What have the bank controllers in mind for their next move?

Suppose they have access to bank borrowings and want to buy cheap land. Spread foot and mouth disease ......... enough farmers will suicide that land prices will be depressed now. Until now, that would not work, but now .... Every disaster brings opportunities. Every weakness may be exploited. If they can set things up to lure half a country into buying land at five times what it is worth, they can do anything!

This could never happen!?

If NATO can "engage in regime change" "to bring democracy", then smaller projects to increase food prices can be expected. As money is destroyed "to bring relief" to the masses, those with cash will clean up. Those who act decisively can be expected to be more greedy than others?

Those who get access to new bank borrowings will also do well. That will be in decades......

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Canberra and Aceh?

Australia decided to build a Federal capital. They chose a shallow valley, in an inland mountain range. I have yet to find a theory that it has been laid out along the lines of a Freemason temple!

In this respect, it is ahead of a curve in relocating capital cities inland. Brazil, with Brasilia, was next. With nuclear realities sinking in, secret capitals were to be established far from those that might have been nuked in official plans in nuclear capable countries. A backup. Then Burma is advised by China to relocate from Rangoon, which it does! China builds cities that are left vacant. All are inland. Their military academy Commandant a General, issues a warning directly to the USA about the consequences of a loss of eastern seaboard cities to tsunami. That was a few months after the Aceh incident.

I posted about Aceh earlier.

Now Denver, located one mile above sea level in the centre of the North American continent!