Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Economics the "science" of scarcity

This disease can now be banned as we actually only have an imaginary scarcity.

While we even up the rest of the world, preparatory to a New World Order, there may be some play with economics, but I do not recommend it except as a study of history, for those under the age of 21 as they will not make it to 50 in that career.

The only true practitioners are those dedicated to the NWO and are Fabian in origin.

It is now time to reorganize our institutions to acknowledge these facts and to be more efficient.

Pretending that there is a force dedicated to destruction of USA freedoms serves only those who make money out of it.

There is such a plot, but it is peaceful in nature and intent. Freedoms built upon the enslavement of others may appeal to some, but not to those dedicated to the NWO.

Get ready to work less and enjoy more! It will take less than thirty years.

Mind works

We form associations.

In the mind. It is also true that we have no mind, but share the Mind. There is only one.
We have access to it. We receive and transmit.

The only wat=y not to do so is to practice mindlessness, also called mindfullness! The cup must be empty, but not emptied.

Not this, not that.

It is an unreasonable process that is not a process.

Our associations, allowing access to these associations made in the Mind, condemn us to slavery.

We read, are exposed to, something on the internet. It has meanings. Many meanings, on many levels even if it is a simple statement of the "obvious".
They, what we actually see, are lines of electrons or liquid crystals, aligned in shapes which we "know" are letters that form "words". These words each have unique but fuzzy meanings that change over time and depend upon each culture, if they share a common language. These meanings put together in a sentence, or phrase, make us move. The movement is another term for emotion or motion of a persons attention.

These movements are used by other persons for good and bad motives. Good and bad are subjective and can only be fully appreciated by a free channel mind.

These threads come together to make a fine carpet or else a rope around our throat.

You decide!


You may need to free yourself of these associations, also known as snares, aka triggers of desire. These are operative on our animal nature. Let the animal subside to allow the divine to assume its correct position. The Mind is merely an affect, in just the same way as our own channel mind that is clogged with our subjective experiences.

There is something beyond the Mind!

We are that something!


To make a fine carpet, we need fine threads.

To understand reality, we need a means of receiving information about it. We then need a means of analysing this data.

To analyse it, we use the mind and our previous experience.

This previous experience only exists if we have been analysing for some time.

Those who seek to make use of us try to turn off of damage that power of analysis, because the fewer people who analyse, the more victims they have.
Please do not be afraid, of anything. You are free!


Arbeit macht Frei is not a misnomer. You need to work at analysis because you have been given false unverifiable information. We all have. How much have you taken on board? Only you can tell and remove it and the effects it has.

Further posts will be made.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pakistan Nukes?

What a tangled web!

The USA and allies, cannot allow all of the information to surface. Thought about all of this may reassure those who live in fear of nuclear war.

The USA is thuggish and brutal, but well meaning. Their plans are often excellent, but execution is often dismal. Probably why they are employing mercenaries more often?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Illegal drugs cause corruption in Police forces!

So, because Ireland's costliest DJ on RTE dies of coke abuse, the wheels start to turn?

Talk about shallow? Maybe the lesson is that TV is wayyyy more affective, sic, on the public psyche?

When fictional characters die, will we investigate the causes of their death?

The Fed is not evil for cutting off money supply or raising interest rates.....

The Fed is evil, but only because it causes inflation. The bust occurs because everyone who wants the colossal burden of a loan, has one, OK? After the last sucker jumps into the inflated market, the balloon deflates leaving them all with loans and poor collateral. The Fed knows what happens, so causes it, but the sickness is actually all the loans which become millstones and fool other people into saving in pension funds, OK? How much are those funds worth?

Busts are always inevitable. Deflation is the natural order and is good, unless you have a loan to repay!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

White Hat reports

These were brought to my attention by an ex-CIA (but do they ever retire?!) source who accessed George Ure's site.

Very optimistic from the point of all the illegality at the top. One faction of TPTB seems close to being smeared and wiped out with all allies?

But perhaps we should beware those who pretend to be telling us what is happening?

And it may distract from Wikileaks!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nibiru ------Disinformation ramps up?

Peculiar language and timing?

Part of project blue-beam?

Or true?

Monday, December 13, 2010

If Nibiru exists ......

There is a small but real chance that it could temporarily capture the inter-stellar current, depriving the Sun, Aten or Helios, of current! The loss of out put would be very measurable, even allowing for a transistor effect? The appearance of a "new star" would be astonishing and probably very disruptive to all planetary positions.

Cosmic Billiards anyone? Flood of protons would also mean massive precipitation and loss of some oxygen from our atmosphere. The drop in temperature is a most likely event. Another ice age? Given the apparent continental shelving, could we hope for a gentle expansion of the earth, with gentle earthquakes, orogenesis and vulcanism?

I was admonished by the dickhead Dave Smith for similar concerns, years ago.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

End of Ice Age

Duh! We all, I hope, know that thousands of years ago, the sea level was 100 metres less. All densely populated civilizations except a few, cluster on the coast, near a river. These are all under water....

If anyone is a really talented diver, they could try to survey and even plunder these lost civilizations, along the lines of Indiana Jones. Let me know when you find Atlantis!
It actually explains why there are so many "underwater hotels" around the world. They are used for this purpose already.

Banking cartel

Imagine being able to buy anything in the world!
Anything at all? Yes! A country? Yes! It takes time and other people's money (OPM) but yes, you can do that. But you have to buy the best, most profitable things, else really mean people will take all that power away from you and you will die rather quickly inside. They are TPTB who put you and your kind in charge of the cattle and shhep who are farmed for their productivity.

Occasionally, the system has to be reset, a bit like, very, very, very like, in the Matrix, there is a year zero.

Then the banking inflation consumer game can begin again. Trouble is, some of those in the PTB are against this standard scheme..... There is a bit of a war going on.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bernie Madoff made off with billions!

Sonja is the spitting image of Bernie?!

A lot of fun can be had with look-a-likes!?

Enron's boss "died" before he went to Jail or gaol or prison.

Communication makes slavery:

If you cannot direct them will they do what is required?
To get around the difficulty, harvest of value is often required.

In many economic theories, devised and permitted to be broadcast by TPTB, it does not matter who is the master, as they will spend into the economy and all can share. Microeconomics intrudes and the privacy, space, freedom all will be restricted except for those who exert control.

Those who follow the minstrel Leary will drop out and not support the harvest.

Such a life requires dedication! Register births or not? Apply for a passport or not? Books have been written on the topic!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Austrian economics predicted the GFCs we now experience.

Steve Keen is also useful! Most other economists are charlatan or conspirators for one side or another.

You must free yourself by understanding that money can disappear overnight!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"In a down market, the last man standing makes out like a bandit."

We are well into a depression. Some of us got there by design, others by recklessness. Some are still resisting, but the debts are too large for there not to be extensive disruption in many markets, currently looking bomb-proof.

Allowing the over-committed to fail will eventually allow those who have the fittest business model to do very well until the new technology comes along. Having massive exposure to creditors may still pay off but will require massively fancy footwork worthy of a merchant banker!

Paying off debts has to be a very savvy business model as does waiting while comptetitors buy up others' assets and destroy themselves by overcapitalizing.

Niche markets make sense as long as your niche is doing well!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The second stage, the collapse of the banks as the efforts to rescue them fail!

Why buy paper when it is inflated? Wait until it means what it says as derivatives and banks, the sources of credit, fall over!

Save your capital!

Trust no one!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Debt destruction American style!

Yves is a smart lady, even if she was misnamed at birth. Eve is feminine, Yves is masculine.

She has been pushing the issue for months. The issue is technical, but in law, technicalities are there for a reason, particularly when there are disparities in size as with a lender and a borrower.

The sub-prime and other lending that were meant to, and did, revive the credit boom in America went on to fuel a smaller one in Europe. That was because a lot of those who bought up the securitized mortgages were German etc banks. Thus, the idea that the securities are worthless may cause problems?!

The banks that sold them are liable for all of the loss unless the investor can be held somehow, to be negligent. The American taxpayer may refuse to pay the massive amounts, making the European banks as bust as the American ones! This is actually a good thing! Except for those who owned bank shares, of course. Pension funds will also suffer.

The old banks would have to bev recapitalized. If plainly bust, they cannot be recapitalized. Their depositors will be paid off, but probably no one else. All that debt destroyed means that the depressiopn will be much shorter in time.

The Irish of course, have to waste massive amounts of capital before it will be clear that it is wasted money.

I have posted to this effect on but to no avail. No reply was ever received. If the persons to whom we owe money are bankrupt, they will not be in a position to sue for the full amount of the debt. The weak never prosper.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Never waste a good crisis!

This was foreseen, of course and this is why the Brians and Bertie dumped Ireland into a pile of shite! They will get their reward!

Fast track merger into a new Europe, solving the NI issue.


Flesh without the spark of life is corruption, food for maggots and worms. Life cannot manifest without flesh?

Freedom is life without flesh. This is a subject worthy of true study.

Paranoia or preparedness?

“The superior man, when resting in safety, does not forget that danger may come. When in a state of security he does not forget the possibility of ruin. When all is orderly, he does not forget that disorder may come. Thus his person is not endangered, and his States and all their clans are preserved.”

Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC)

The common choice?

Aldous Huxley describes the American choice to be ignorant:

Most ignorance is vincible ignorance. We don’t know because we don’t want to know.

Being bored is nature's way

Of telling you to move on: the rolling stone gathers no moss. Eventually, you will find a situation where you are suited to stay and gather moss.


Has a great future behind it! If it joins the EU.

It has about the highest per capita land and sea area per person.

That is a massive amount of potential wealth! All those oil and gas wells! No wonder talks with the EU continue! Despite that little mishap that left every person owing 30,000 Euro for bank debt, until Iceland said NO!

My kind of democracy! Do Icelanders realize what they are going to give up?

How to stop wars pt 94

When the vets come back, they should be given advice about what to do before suicide.

They should use the skills they picked up to remonstrate with the politicians and businessmen who made money out of the war..... and their relatives etc.

Pretty soon the onjly wars would be truly just wars!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I firmly believe that we need more involvement in outer space!

To do this we need airships...... We need a massive, hydrogen lofted platform. This would have to be capable of acting as mother ship to supplies from earth surface and shuttle to inner space.

It might even try the space elevator, but the electrical currents might be too problematic. A helium based platform, far smaller in size might be an aunty ship!

The aim of the hydroship is to act as a launch pad for the shuttle, cutting the fuel needed for the initial boost to that altitude. By splitting water harvested aboard the hydroship, the hydrogen can be provided by eletrolysis providing oxygen as a bonus for fuelling the shuttle. Getting to that hydroship, at 50,000 ft, would be a job for a B747 or A380.

Power provided by harnessing electrical currents from metal ropes dangling down with thyristors & capacitors attached.

The hydroship would be largely automated, but humans would have hardened fire-proof pods available to them for release to the ground in event of destruction.

Obliterated Contributions to! 28/11/10

It seems I said something!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Which type are you?

As the Russians like to say

"the situation is hopeless,

but not serious."

We are all going to the same destination. What differs is how we spend our time, getting there.

Do you walk, looking around you, following up what interests you? Do you run, not looking anywhere but directly ahead of you?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is Ireland stealing corporation taxes from the EU?

False invoices representing fake activities in Ireland might allow deductions in German CT charges?
That would be crude indeed! It may happen, but Ireland and Germany are obliged to investigate if the other treaty partner, to the Double Tax Agreement, a treaty, wishes. Anything this simple falls apart easily. The tax paid in Ireland might then be returned, but the deduction in Germany for the purchase, would be disallowed making it ineffective. Charges might follow in Germany. Even genuine matters with real but suspect transfer pricing issues, can be pursued by the Germans should they have suspicions. Perhaps they do not employ enough “Steuer”(?) Inspectors to do this, but the ball is firmly in their court.

The OECD have a model avoidance of double taxation treaty that coutries use, and mutually adapt in certain details, for their network of Double Tax Agreements. (DTAs) The Model DTA contains provisions on avoidance and ensuring that the correct level of profits of entities (or gains) are taxed in the correct jurisdiction. The HCPs (High Contracting Parties) jointly investigate and agree if there is a dispute. I have to say, in my experience, this has not happened for any of the cases I and my colleagues dealt with at the time, when I was in D16, Lansdowne House, which dealt with Multi-National Entities (MNEs).

Rare, but provision for it exists. There is much spin about these matters. That might also apply to the German side as to the Ireland side. The Germans might protest, but in response to domestic pressure.

Sarkozy may face similar domestic pressures, but Regional Aid has always been part of the EU parcel, as it is obvious that with the dismantling of borders and other obstacles, business for the core would pick up. That

they can successfully choose to impose higher taxes there

simply means that businesses that are inelastic in location are trapped and lower personal taxation results? Those that are elastic, will set up elsewhere, even outside the EU, if it suits them. It is not a problem specific to Ireland. What next? France takes taxes from every corporation in the world? Simply seize any articles entering France and hold them against “taxes due”? The Doublke Taxation Agreements all deal with these matters. He is simply posing and appearing tough, prior to going home to his ‘licious missus?

As the tax situation has already been addressed, he is presumably referring to that?

Or spinning!?

The EU is attacking Ireland!

The whole of the EU is socialist. Look at all the funds and redistribution of money to farmers, BMW region etc. Fabians have designed it and are probably happy wioth all the interference in people’s affairs and the jobs that this brings? Ireland is lucky that way. We would be fighting them off if we were suddenly rich, which is why Norway is not a member?! JHusrt as they share Frau Merkel’s taxes with Ireland today, so will they adjust payments for oil and gas finds tomorrow!

Save the banks? We need some institution to issue cash when demanded and to keep it safe from thieves. These may belong to others, but the banks are ours in almost every respect. We no longer need so many and they need to be reduced in size, but their owners have already been punished. The problem was that instead of being a steady engine for gradual growth and slow inflation (theft!) idiots decided to open the taps full on and more idiots went along with it. They could have been stopped. They weren’t. The only ones taking out money unfairly were those who sold all property prior to that collapse and those on bonuses for trapping as many people in debt slavery as possible. Taxation will deal with both of these, but the pricing disruption in the meantime means massivcew delays in investment and recovery, and of course, a shrinking economy as most of it, nearly, was borrowed! Not real! The economy recognized much of the borrowing as revenue and that caused the tax problem, fiscally.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Using older, manual lenses for photography

Do not be discouraged! Practice will enable fast focussing to become second nature.

The main advantage is that the lens isn't hunting focus at the moment you want to fire the shutter. It is set where you've put it. Sometimes that can be a greater confidence builder than the false confidence of autofocus. It only changes focus when you choose. Control.

Practice using likely settings and distances, beforehand. Muscle memory is very important and ease of use, means many otherwise fine pieces of equipment are never used.

Find your favourite lenses and practice with them, when sitting in front of the TV during a break at work etc. Sit at various distances and focus without using any viewfinder. Educate your hand to find the focus distance seen by your eye?

If you've just captured an image where you carefully focused through the viewfinder, and another person enters your field of interest. By merely releasing the shutter when they're the same size in the viewfinder you are using your previous picture as a focusing aid, judging subject distance by its relative size in the viewfinder.

Don't tell me it is impossible! Do it! Try and see if you can surprise yourself. The lens can accept markers, preferably glued on, with strong tactile feedback, enabling feel of the lens to be correlated to the eye.

This will differ for various lenses so be drastic and use a max of three for this exercise, probably your fastest, to freeze movement, but not necessarily the sharpest? Some lenses will not be suitable for this treatment, if they have controls that require tiny movements to cover your full shooting range, then will it be possible to use depth of field to ensure that once set, the lens need not be focussed again at all. For lenses with a large "throw" meaning that the focal ring can be twisted quite a distance then these techniques may be more useful.

Knowing the range of each lens, for specific types of photography, means that your restricting photography to an almost automatic reflex. For each specific subject matter, the lens will be restricted to a certain focal range. The marking therefore should be to enable these ranges to be found by feel in the dark, if that is associated with the subject matter.

If a subject is a distance away then the lens markers may have to be reset. Take the time before the shots start to make the likely focal distances as relevant to the markers as possible.

Try to multiply the sensory aspect of manual operation especially with lens stopped down two stops for best performance.

The markings on manual lenses may be of no use for determining range or infinity if used on say m4/3 sensor camera. Making new markings may be practical.

Do not just be satisfied with getting close to correct focus, practice to get it perfect. Use your body to find perfect focus too. If you have grasped the lens in a certain way, you may need to reposition your focus hand and that may cost more time than a pace towards or away from the subject.

When only manual focus lenses were available, photographers would burn through dozens of rolls of film per event, or use bulky 750 frame film backs, hoping for that one shot that they could sell and they managed to get it, perfectly focussed.

In this day of DSLRs and mirrorless cams, where there are no film costs, and no need to reload until one fills up a memory card, and the ability to erase pics taken, and auxillary memory in form of portable hard drives, frame rate per second is becoming very high, albeit at the same focal point. Currently, 10 frames per second are acheived. Some cams offer higher rates, designed for manual focus, at the loss of some resolution, but 5 megapixels is quite adequate for most purposes and even less is acceptable, if focus is acheived of a spectacular event.

One of the techniques, when shooting very fast cars or sports action, was to pre-focus on a specific spot and then trip the release just before the spot was reached. This allows for reaction time and the time taken to open the shutter. Trap focus is the name for that technique. At airshows, aeroplanes, fly at about the same distance from the crowds, so attempt to keep focus at that range.

Patterns are usually discernible, but always shoot, as practice frequently makes perfect focus and that unconscious perfection only comes with repetition, so get started.

It can only develop with practice and you can be happy with each step of your progress.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Suppose the LHC is wrong?

Colliding large Hadrons is supposed to allow theoretical physicists to determine all of the "fundamental" particles.

These are the ones that make up the proton, neutron and electron among others.

In EU theory, a large red shift detected from galaxies does not mean they are a great distance away, but are newly ejected from the galaxy that is nearest, ie shows a low red shift. The idea is that the metter in the new galaxy, created by EM forced out of the parent, has a low energy. It might be made consistently across the galaxy, of some of the particles found in the LHC and its predecessors? They eventually age, by acquiring more energy from neutrino type particles.

No Big Bang! Just Electromagnetism?

Interesting analysis of the earlier depression

"But remember that these savings increased in value (due to the appreciation of the currency by 30% from 1930-33. That is, the average American worker received an additional 120 ounces of gold (almost 2½ years income) over these 3 years without doing any extra work. This was, of course, money which had been stolen from him during World War I (when prices doubled) and given to the paper aristocracy (courtesy of the Democrats). In words of one syllable, the Democrats were the party of the banks and Wall Street (despite their loud protestations to the contrary)."

Second stage

For most people, the GFC did not start in 1989, as it did for Japan, it started in 2006 or thereafter. For Australians it started in 2009, very gently, because it is "the Lucky country", after all!

What has happened is quite simple. All sorts of legitimate, not unlawful, ways exist to make money or credit. Once it is made it becomes very difficult not to borrow, thereby making more money, and buy an appreciating asset. This continues until no one else wants to borrow money. Then, surprisingly perhaps, banks run out of money, having helped to create so much of it.

Banks then reverse some of that money creation and no matter what is tried, the bubble is going to burst. IUn the USA, this happened in 1999. The NASDAQ share market collapsed as all the share flotations ceased and values collapsed as it dawned that there were very few viable business plans, as not every company can be Amazon or eBay or Paypal or eventually,

As the malinvestments collapsed, the banks had to bankrupt those who had borrowed from them, as their security, the shares they had bought, were now worth less and indeed, some were worthless.

So, rather than endure the depression thyen America decided to postpone it and to make it worse by successfully further inflating the bubble. The share markets are large, but the housing and commercial property markerts are larger! They dropped interest rates always a danger signal and sold everyone who could borrow a cheaply financed house. So much was sold that they had to get European banks to lend even more money by selling the mortgages to them.

But eventually, everyone had all the loans they could pay off and then people realized that the price of housing would not grow as to grow more loans were needed. So prices started to fall. Thus the depression started in the USA. It was different in Spain and Ireland and Latvia and every where else, but even though China and India, Russia and Brazil were still growing, the west started to find that most prices were too high and that commodities in demand by the BRICs were the only growth are they could buy into. Thus all the essentials are costing more as jobs disappear to China and elsewhere.

All of this was known and predictable by those who control banking, but they joined in to make even more than they already had. They withdrew first, helping the bubble to collapse, with the intention of buying again only when the most profitable assets were low in price. They still have not invested again.

There will be another collapse when growth falters in the BRICs and commodity prices collapse. Banks will be caught again!

Derivatives will make the situation more complex.

This could happen soon!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Civil Disobedience

Speaking to Power is never popular.
If under employed, say in an economic depression for a few decades, demonstrations are just one way of showing concern.

Another is to travel slowly. Drive at half the speed limit?

Clog up the system, using technology to ask questions and to make your views known.

Organize locally and internationally.

Share shopping and use the time and money saved to impact those who are distorting the system.

Barter. Tax flows diminish and wealth stays locally.

Recycle. Ditto

Armistice? 11/11
What a wasteful way to decide who has the best bankers?
Killing off the young, conscripted and volunteer!
Human against metal, bought with credit.
Hey, credit wins!
No need to send out our young unless to cull them?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Foreign Affairs

Just now we have some very "heavyweights" occupying the primary policy making positions in some countries.

Kevin Rudd; Australia
Hillary Clinton; USA
Ed Milliband; UK

All were voter favourites and leaders or leader potential. NWO anyone?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Genetic improvement

The old way of doing this, in a hurry, is to in-breed, keeping the females pregnant constantly.

The defective were killed. Those who could be useful could be kept alive, but if male, not allowed to breed. That way, some out breeding of the undesirable traits might be accomplished.

Once the population had reached a size that enabled survival, then incest would be banned. The range of genetic variety would have been concentrated into what would become a "race".

This would be necessary after a catastrophe that threatened the survival of that species. The Y chromosome would exhibit a very tight range, suggesting only a few males.

Encounters with others would be encouraged and gifts and trade on equal terms would also flourish. Adventures and anger would be curtailed as much as possible. Flight rather than fight for at least four generations. Sea travel would be favoured for the contact and evasion potential.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hitler et al

How do you, as a banker, concerned with the future of humanity and with an eye to profit from human weakness, ensure that wars do not result in your own destruction?

Ensuring that those in charge are politicians is essential. War being conducted by Generals becomes chess, as was shown in the 17th Century. When one side is in possession of a superiority in battle the professionals are happy to agree a result based upon that, without insisting upon a butcher's bill caused by pressing home an attack. This determines the issue with honour, as befits Christian Kingsa, annointed by God, but does not suit those who fund the Royal coffers on both side.

Politicians are merely agents of those who can destroy them but who lavish wealth upon them. By controlling one leader, the cost is minimized!

They required distraction from pogrom and Inquisition and more profit by expenditure of shot and shell. Human adversaries being reduced by mutual destruction also meant freedom from persecution. So real war is essential for the banking interests.

Now we have the UN. WE recognize equality of religion and freedom to worship or pursue beliefs without discrimination. So the bankers should have put away their weapons?

But they have not.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anti fraud measures, whistleblowers profitting!

Ms. Eckard's lawsuit was filed under the U.S. False Claims Act. The law, which dates back to the Civil War, prohibits people or businesses from defrauding the government, and provides incentives for people who suspect wrongdoing to come forward. Lawsuits are typically filed confidentially in federal court to protect the identity of the plaintiff. The Justice Department then determines whether the case has enough merit for it to take over.

My, my. A good idea that is 150 years old! Shjouild be universal!

What do you do?

You are on a different planet.
You are unable to escape.
The home planet may have been destroyed.
You have an advanced knowledge of biology and some useful technology.
You are not bound not to interfere with the fauna as they are very primitive.
You are not bound not to interfere with the fauna as all bets are off given the catastrophic loss of culture and DNA on home planet.
You wish to preserve your DNA which may be unique.


Tax evasion advice!

Believe it or not, this is not per se illegal or as we lawyers say: "unlawful".

Suppose this dynasty lives in a kleptocracy and by the secomnd generation they have bought a couple off politicians in an unregistered informal limited partnership. The main business was so good that pots of cash literally were kept in the boardroom! When the next generation got to take charge, they sold off the main business as a recession was obvious. They washed much of that and all the previous cash through an obliging bank. It went abroad but came back in via a foreign trust owning shares in a foreign corporation. The corporation bought large tracts of prime land. As a corporation never dies, there will never be death duties or CAT or CTT or whatever. As ownership changes within the family the legal ownership remains the same and no one thinks to notify the Revenue Commissioners of the CGT liabilities. The Corporation is said to be non-resident and all board meetings take place in tax havens. The board are all hired flunkies, often the peasants of Sark etc and they act in accordance with the wishes of the shareholders for a stipend. Different corporations are used for different purchases.

We all know the old but true saw: "the first generation makes it, the second keeps it and the third spends it!"

This structure prevents any alienation. Lawyerspeak for you may enjoy a stream of income from it, but you, the profligate third and subsequent generations, can't sell the 'cos you never control it until certain events occur. These depend on that trust I mentioned earlier! The trustees are the shareholders..... It is all controlled by whomever runs the family fortune and should that person die, the next on the list takes opver. These two persons do not travel together in view of the finite possibility of joint death. Fortunes have been expended legally trying to decide which of two persons died first as the heirs, portions taxes may all differ. Ultimately a stuffy old lawyer can be appointed backstop but when the profligates disagree the lawyers often end up inheriting a fair share.

Some of the lawyers reading this know better than me that this is merely the basic structure and it is open to Anstalten in Liechtentstein etc to be employed to vary matters.

The point is that the Revenue Commissioners have never been very diligent, for reasons related to the Haughey threats to public servants, to use the "transfer of assets abroad" legislation brought in by Richie Ruin et al in 1974.

These corporations have been used for other things also. As they accumulate funds, they would be able to buy speculative land, for development. As it was obvious to quite a few that the events of 2001 meant that the USA was going to QE until the cows came home, it was time to put the said cows out to pasture.... Selling off land bought over a generation and ad hoc as suckers, (sorry novice developers) were encountered, these would all be flogged to what many would say were their competitors and would be competitors) in the game to end all games. The end of the boom or great moderation as it was termed, was clearly nigh. Some prize sites might be kept but why? They could all be bought back after the crisis, GFC, storm etc had passed, at a fraction of what they would fetch when sold now. The proceeds might be invested in many things, but a great idea from one of those oicky ex-tax inspectors might be used: invest in making funds available for their competitors to buy the land! Thus the banks would be able to lend more and more to these parvenues, ensuring hegemony of the family fortunes.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick money?

Remember, work is the only thing that will set you free!

Trying to "make" money is foolish. Earn a lifestyle, concentrate on a balance between internal and external needs and always help those whom you meet. They are family customers, suppliers, servants and governors.

Do not believe that others can help you. They might, but you are better off helping yourself and others. Sometimes that means charging a fee or doing it for free!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to prevent yourself going to gaol, ("Jail" for any yanks) for bank tampering .....

Buy yourself a government, or two, if they are going cheap in a sale.

Then get your toadies, the government, (pay attention!) to ask how the investigation is going. There has to be an investigation. If there isn't, there is nothing to worry about! Don't ask a flunky. Get the "head buck cat" to explain if there is enough evidence. Have an Attorney or Solicitor General handy to impress the flunkies flunky, heretofore known as "head buck cat" whom I shall call Fachtna, for ease of identification. Whatever evidence Fachtna has to date, have your flunkies explain that it is not enough, yet. Identify specific types of evidence that is currently out of reach except by new laws. Impress the need for new laws on Fachtna. Get him to agree in minutes, later initialled by him.

Then, get Fachtna to write to the Government, sort of out of the blue, like, you know, Garda Commissioners do, saying that he does not need any new "powers" to carry out the investigation that is now completely stalled.

Job done! Well done Fachtna, you get to keep your job until you retire in a blaze of glory, with lots of Quango prospects!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Being a "hostage" can be dangerous!

The Italian journalist escaped assassination in Iraq .... by the US forces!

This English girl was not so lucky! Do not think that you can have substantial contact of any sort, with "terrorists" and escape alive. False flag operations kill!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Korea Axis of Evil and looking glass world!

Saddam was not executed by Iraq, but they did pretend to execute a look alike, who was allowed to speak at his trial, in character, but whose voice was not transmitted.

This may just be a poor look alike as dictators do tend to be victims of assassinations. It would be normal practice to distribute false information about his appearance. Both pictures may be false!

Osama Bin Laden is another whose appearance has altered much. Skulduggery from Skull and Bones?

Shurely not! Mine’s a triple Brandy!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

False Flag coming up? Houston or coastal Texas?

Someone has put money on a dramatic fall in value of a business in the next 30 days....

Pile on in! And lose all ya money? Most of this stuff will come to nothing, but elections are coming and Americans need to be reminded of the big bad wolf!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bauer and Bower

If I had that surname, I might pay someone to play a part, with some risk, in order to safeguard my family from the corruption of power and wealth.

Children require sturdy upbringing and too much too soon produces a green sapling that will wilt at the first adversity. Choosing the best candidate for actual power, becomes less fraught, but still requires a wisdom usually denied to one person.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sad surveys

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Operation Blue Beam Begins.... a slow ramp up?

The real question is how much falsehood is contained here.

The intent is to distract, so expect some literally brilliant, fireworks. Genuine confusion may arise when natural phenomena then occur.

"Too many secrets"?

"Too many lies" is more like it. How a secular western gang engages in spiritual renewal!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Death Squads

These are not an entirely US invention nor are they solely deployed in South and Central America.

The purpose is to destroy those who could become centres of opposition. Their victims may be innocent at the time, but sooner or later, they would get swept up into opposition to those in power.

Thus all "intellectuals", social workers, teachers, religious, jounalists not on board with the rulers, get the chop, by a bullet to the head or a fall from an airplane. They are often tortured for fun and to get information the rulers are too lazy to look up.

G'tmo is different, as that is a system for altering personalities and making them into turncoats.

Mr Negroponte is said to be the latest "go to" person.

Solar eruptions

The elephant in the room of all governments is currently, sorry, not terrorism or banking crisis etc but the differences in the CMEs, Coronal Mass Ejections, that we have been fortunate to observe recently. One travelled at quarter c. The others seem to vary but only by a small factor around a day or two. 30 minutes to close the distance between earth and Sun got everyone to sit up and take notice, particularly the military. Light takes 8 minutes to span the same distance. The very powerful eruption missed earth. But it is axiomatic in statistics that what is possible will eventually happen. The rush to observation we currently see in space probes being set up to look at the local star is the result. If we were to be hit by a similar or conceivably larger CME then life might not be the same again for decades. Reassurance to the slaving classes is embodied in the ages given for the universe: 15,000,000,000 years, despite the actual lack of real evidence. If the universe is far younger, then catastrophic events may indeed be again a relatively normal part of human existence.

Don Scott, author of The Electric Sky, wrote about the way plasma acts in the Universe:

“Plasma phenomena are scalable. Their electrical and physical properties remain the same, independent of the size of the plasma. In a laboratory plasma, of course, things happen much more quickly than on, say, galaxy scales, but the phenomena are identical—they obey the same laws of physics. In other words we can make accurate models of cosmic scale plasma behavior in the lab, and generate effects that mimic those observed in space. It has been demonstrated that plasma phenomena can be scaled to fourteen orders of magnitude. (Alfvén hypothesized that they can be scaled to 28 orders or more!) Electric currents flowing in plasmas produce most of the observed astronomical phenomena that remain inexplicable if we assume gravity and magnetism to be the only forces at work.”

The perturbations of our local star may be experimentally determinable by scaling up a suitable experiment in the plasma lab.

Let us know if it is going on now?

Einstein is very overrated

Space is not curved.

Quantum states are more accurate than Albert's attempt to explain away gravitation.

The best description of gravity is of the universal pressure, emanating from the aether, also known as zero point energy or the Casimir effect, being obstructed by nearby bodies that shelter the object from that direction, causing the pressure to push the object towards that body and vice versa. Think of two boats at sea close to one another. As waves wind and currents operate, they push them together, as they each shelter the other from these various effects. Newton even conceived of this explanation, but Einstein proponents want this forgotten for whatever reason!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pension funds promise 8% returns

Normally, 8% covers inflation and a small positive return, increased by tax reliefs.
As we are now in a deflationary spiral real returns of 2% may still be good as the price of most things may be dropping by 2%, making a 4% "after flation return".

The real challenge is whether the investment managers will be capable of making a positive return, given that stocks will be declining, in fits and starts and a 30% loss in a month may be possible!
Going to cash or Govt bonds may be the only way to avoid the expected falls.

The lying about 8% worries me not. They lie all the time about OPM!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Just as with the Clintons, there is a false scandal associated with a US president.
I suppose it is like the sword of Damocles. It is spread by TPTB. It is a false threat.
The US Constitution requires a "natural born citizen" in order to be eligible for the post. As opposed to a legal person. That can be a corporation. Even if as is likely, he was born in Kenya, he is eligible. By concentrating attention on the false weakness, the real weakness is further protected. Thge other political party plays along of course.

With Bubba it was his philandering. By taking up so much time of those who pursue the false path, the president is protected from actual legal attack, despite their previous crimes and potential vulnerability.

Of course, should a compromised president be rash enough to "go off the reservation" or "go native" then the true weakness can be used or else the false one implemented. The impeachment of Bubba might have become more serious had he not repealed along with CONgress, various statutes concerning financial protection of banking. The Whitewater matters could have been thrown into the proceedings, or else CONgress blackmailed into impeachment for lying.

What is the truth?

"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.” Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha

Thursday, September 16, 2010

If you insist on compiling an indsictment against me, go to that site to find more fungal ramblings!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Parent and lover's dilemma!

How do we protect those we love and for whom we feel, when their greatest enemy seems to be themselves?

All intervention seems to vex them and damage that feeling, turning affection into annoyance or worse.

Stop judging and allow their nature and fate to take its course?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hmmmm. Seems rational and sticks meticulously to certain facts only. Probably not too infected with disinformation.

Russian Navy about Haiti earthquake? Details?

Aceh and clathrate generation

Oil, in inches thick deposits, some may have come from leaking well. All over the sea floor with mucus.

Breaks down to clathrates? Contains CH4 naturally? Concentrates leaking CH4? Binds to falling detritus making clathrates?

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Emos are the type of person who cannot escape their emotions. They see no world beyond them and are nearly incapable of controlling them unless strongly confronted and often even then they decide to take the easy way out and continue with their tantrum.

Development and maturity escape them unless they develop a sense of self and choice. After that, if they make it there, they can allow others to do whatever without falling into the same errors as before. They realize they have the choice to succumb to their emotions or to throttle the energy before it damages them again.

Emotional force is energy. Why not arouse it when alone and tranquil? What effect would that have? ill it strengthen you? The self? Self?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rocky Flats verdict on appeal

Abysmal verdict! Does this mean that throwing plutonium dust onto people is lawful? At common law, injury 366 days after the event is deemed, conclusively, not to be part of the causation!;

The US is a kleptocracy......

Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to identify the ignorant, part 94

They always follow orders, rules and regulations.

If they know them.

They frequently cannot act if they are exposed to the contradictions in those rules. The wise therefore enable the elite to escape, by publishing all the rules and ensuring many contradictions that permit discretion.

An ignorant person is a burden

Those who wish to be smart and always right end up rejecting anything new. They can never learn. They already have all their knowledge. They are only able to be always right if they stay with what they already know, however imperfect it might be. These people tend to end up in positions of petty responsibility, like police officers, prison warders and bureaucrats.

Leave them alone in their ignorance.

Life is difficult enough.

Reject what is written on the net!

Life is very long for those who reject correction. They learn nothing new. This suits their masters as the slave who learns that he is a slave tends to react against slavery. Being a slave master takes little work, but suppression of knowledge is vital.

Enjoy a life long in ignorance!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Business and successful capitalism is based upon honesty and reciprocal trust!

Which is why the Celtic Tiger failed! The agency failure, OPM, other people's money, means funds disappear, possibly for a long time. The efficacy of capitalism is damaged. Until trust returns, long after demand returns, capital will not be accumulated honestly.

In a depression, every investment falls as people sell off!

As things get worse, so do all investments! Cash or tools become the only thing people want and the demographics of the western world, including an Ireland where the young emigrate, will reinforce this as savings are spent on living expenses!

Yes, things will get that bad!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Taliban fighters, some disguised as American soldiers, attack two U.S. bases

If they were US forces?

War technology

History tells us that Generals and occasionally Admirals, start a new war with the tactics of the last war. They then must adjust to realities.

Computer gaming tries to make this a thing of the past. Treaties try to tame some of the barbarity with waves of laws to be respected. Or ignored, if you are the USA.

Submarines are capable of bringing the UK to starvation within two months or less. Over populated and unable to feed itself, it is clearly more vulnerable than in WW 1 or WW 2. The USA was "lucky" in WW 2 because of clever use of submarines to spy out Japanese fleet positions.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Land statistical reform

Some, like:
think that land was the cause of the mess in Ireland. Proposals to gauge ecerything may not be successful.However, taxing land adequately would also solve the problem.

This greater availability of information of the land market, if successful, would mean that people who wished could say that land values are out of whack even more than normal in Ireland. So what? Those who do, will be invited to commit suicide by the political leader of the day!

Even if successful, one day in the future, the banks will lend and lend as fast as they can. What is bought could be bulbs, shares in a secret venture in the South Seas or plastic surgery. The point is that eventually, banks satisfy their market! It takes a long while. But it always has happened. Then, almost suddenly, but inevitably, after unconscionably long inflation, no one borrows and the asset class(es) deflate! The problem is not merely a peasant fetish for "land, more land!", rather it is greed, lack of regulation and banking!

Do-Gooders: People Don't Like Unselfish Colleagues

As one of these stupid people, I recommend this research!

Who said:

Being saintly is not difficult, but is disruptive and sometimes, just to piss others off, I do the very unselfish. Very selfish of me!

I despise all you little people, who do not possess the spirit to get involved even occasionally. Scurrying back to your hovel, eating your gruel, thanking your psycho bosses for their bullying! Enjoy your massive mortgages, huddling in the slime of the suburbs. Run, the sky is falling! Fear destroys you slowly, until you eat your own young, sending them off to foreign lands to kill. Look not for mercy, you despise it! Set low standards and live down to them. Tolerate no disparity among colleagues, it threatens a cosy unexamined existence. Rats will eat one another as the end comes. Rats are mammals.....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

'Worse to come' when NAMA steps in

No, really? As if that was not foreseeable! Good hotels and developments being driven to the wall by bad ones, controlled by the government, in many cases! A real vote getter for Fianna Fail!

Economic nonsense brought to you by the team that believes in a rising tide!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Depression Capital scarcity!

"However, Mr Smith said higher wholesale funding costs were now a fixed feature of banking as a result of the global financial crisis."

While justification of excessive profits is to be expected from bankers, the re-capitalization of banking continues, even in Australia.

The point is that capital is scarce: something obvious to anyone who knows history. The massive losses of fictional capital, caused by the inevitable over capacity and lack of investment opportunity, have massive ramifications.

If these are fully understood, the damage inflicted upon the system will be minimized. However, it suits amny to ensure maximum confusion and agrravated disruption in certain areas. This enables "super" investment opportunity, eventually.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Everyone reading this should consider what changes to lifestyle should be made in order to survive or even prosper when paradigms have changed.

Paper assets are and will be worthless, unless there is an easy way of enforcing them. Physical assets will be paramount. They can always be traded for something more useful. Barter is not exposed to taxation, a significant cost in a moribund economy. Talent will be useful as purchasing the labour of others will diminish considerably.

Time will increase as cash decreases. Two incomes will become rare. Expect employers to discriminate against you. Self employment may be the only viable option. Gowing food costs twice or three times buying food, but if you have the time and not the cash you have no option.

Expect certain crimes to increase.

Expect cutbacks in public services and increases in taxation. Money will move less often and tax revenues will fall. Formal employment will fall and contracting will increase often without paperwork. Large, expensive assets will sell for much less, as desperate people sell off to pay off loans.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Just one article in many warning that fake assets and real liabilities will be a cause of financial problems, "soon".

The article makes the point that no one, especially USA legislators, understands the implications as the size of the derivatives mess is so colossal!

I say it is easy: nothing that is in your possession will be affected badly. But anything on paper, a promise of rewards to come, probably no longer exists in the real or any other world. All promises from nice happy pleasant smart people who have made millions for you will ever be honoured. So sad. Shares, bonds insurance policies, streams of income: all gone "soon".

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Laws justify theft!

" Think about it a bit further: the more complex the regulation, the more bureaucratic the network, the more a regulator who knows the loops and glitches would benefit from it later, as his regulator edge would be a convex function of his differential knowledge. This is a franchise. "

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Antidote to Mick Shedlock?

Friday, July 30, 2010

50pc house price fall implies 33 quarters of price declines

Gurdgiev also said that Ireland’s property bubble implosion is set to continue for some time: “Asset bubble crashes last longer than our policies anticipate. The OECD average is 10 quarters of credit busts for 18pc average contraction and 19 quarters of house price falls for a 29pc average price decline. Ireland’s bubble of a 60pc decline in credit supply implies 33 quarters of credit contraction and our 50pc house price fall implies 33 quarters of price declines.

“We are currently roughly 10 quarters into these twin crises,” he added.

Excellent review of Ireland and land at the turn of the century!

It looks as if my estimates of almost 100,000,000,000 Euro (to the closest significant figure) may be the final bill for lost bank value, loan losses, interest and crony payments all incurred by the peasant gombeens in power in Ireland.

The voters love it, being mostly peasant in outlook themselves. The only good thing is that it was not tulip bulbs!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Iran launches nuclear fusion bid

A gift from the USA? White elephant? Trojan Horse? A way to protect proven fission technology (which may be dangerously close to device manufacture) and divert Iranian efforts into a blind alley?

But do the Iranians swallow this? Note the ransomed scientist!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Central Banking with fractional and fictional reserves!

“Whoever controls the money of a nation, controls that nation and is absolute master of all industry and commerce. When you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”

President James A. Garfield (1831-1881)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

American money laundering

BCCI story was told in the film International, more or less. Riggs Bank was extensively captured by the CIA.

"White" baby to "Black" parents

This happens from time to time. It seems likely that pigmentation (not perjorative!) is a addition to survival. Having it enables survival where sunshine is strong and the individual is outdoors a lot. Having it in a weak sunshine environment or where the individual is is indoors, means rickets and cancer and many other disorders, related to Vitamin D deficiency. Thus the possibly not random loss of additional pigmentation may increase. I am nopt fully convinced by the out of Africa theory, but this occurence supports it. Low pigmentation individuals, (pigment challenged!) may also produce darker pigmentation children. Indians depict Aryans with blue skin, arising from the veins being visible through poorly pimented skin. Blue bloods! It reflects their ability to survive without working in the sun. Octaroons etc is also a term like mulatto. Niger, Negro means "black" Alba means "white". Latin, doncha'know!
Albino is now a medical term meaning no pigment at all. Eyes therefore are red. Low pigment get a choice! Skin will not freckle, but burn at the slightest provocation.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Continental Drift? by Liam Scheff!

Japan Times Breaks Earth, Terrifies Science Elite

Big Bang / Evolution / Top 20

Tags: Alfred Wegener, Continental Drift, expanding earth, Flat Subduction, Japan Times, Neal Adams
July 12, 2010 6

Extra! Extra! “Mainstream Newspaper Reports on Failures of Geo-physics; Skeptic Magazine, and Scientific Elite Get Big, Big Wedgie and Have Fit, and Scream and Call People Names, As Science Demands.”

How in the World…

Late last year, the Japan Times allowed its readers inside of one of the gigantic-ist fist-de-cuffs in the sciences as they pondered the question – Where did Milwaukee come from?

But not just Milwaukee – all of North America – and South America too! And even…Sri Lanka!

Lots more at asbove url!

Monday, July 19, 2010

What Do Retired People Do All Day?

Working people frequently ask retired people what they do to make their days interesting.
Well, for example, the other day my wife and I went into town and went into a shop.
We were only in there for about 5 minutes. When we came out, there was a cop writing out a parking ticket.
We went up to him and said, 'Come on man, how about giving a senior citizen a break?'

He ignored us and continued writing the ticket. I called him a Nazi turd. He glared at me and started writing another ticket for having worn tyres.
So my wife called him a ####-head. He finished the second ticket and put it on the wind-shield with the first. Then he started writing a third ticket. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more we abused him, the more tickets he wrote.
Personally, we didn't care. We came into town by bus. We try to have a little fun each day now that we're retired. It's important at our age.


I now address my words to those who know and knew what was happening. You may have miscalculated. The possibility of non-repayment by individual countries is high and by blocs of countries, is getting higher by the year.

Disunity is the opposite of the NWO world government idea. Yet this is necessary, if mass boycott is to be avoided. We all know money in the form of credit, means little, in some ways, as it can be created so easily and was so easily done recently.

But do you wish to lose this money? Passing on the "asset" of these debts to others takes longer than planned. Swapping the proceeds for value may take even longer.

Do you want help?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Project Seal

This report corroborates others, as to NZ involvement. Alsaka? Aceh?

The Independent


SECRET WARTIME experiments were conducted off the New Zealand coast to perfect a bomb that could trigger devastating tidal waves, according to government files declassified in Auckland.

The New Zealand Herald, citing the files, said that senior United States defence officials believed the weapon had the potential to be as deadly as the atomic bomb. But the tsunami bomb, as it was known, was never fully tested and the war ended before the project was completed.

Its mastermind was Thomas Leech, an Australian professor who as the dean of engineering at Auckland University from 1940 to 1950. He was seconded to the New Zealand Army during the Second World War. He set off a series of underwater explosions that triggered mini tidal waves at Whangaparaoa, just north of Auckland, in 1944 and 1945.

Details of the research, known as Project Seal, are contained in 53- year-old documents released by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The papers, stamped "Top Secret", show that America and Britain were keen for Seal to be developed in the postwar years. They even considered sending Professor Leech to Bikini Atoll to watch the US nuclear tests and see if they had any application to his work.

In the end, he did not make the visit, although Dr Karl Compton, a member of the US board of assessors of nuclear tests, was sent to New Zealand to meet him.

In July 1946, a letter from Washington to Wellington Defence Headquarters stated: "Dr Compton is impressed with Professor Leech's deductions on the Seal Project and is prepared to recommend to the Joint Chiefs of Staff that all technical data from the test, relevant to the Seal Project, should be made available to the New Zealand government for further study."

The announcement in 1947 that he had been awarded a CBE for weapons research led to speculation in some newspapers outside New Zealand about the nature of the work that he had been conducting. No details were released about it at the time because the project was still under way.

Neil Kirton, a former colleague of Professor Leech, told the New Zealand Herald that the experiments involved laying a pattern of explosives underwater to create a tidal wave.

Small-scale explosions were set off in the Pacific and off Whangaparaoa, which was controlled by the army at the time. Mr Kirton said he doubted whether people living in Auckland at the time would have noticed the trials.

What happened to Project Seal once the final report was forwarded to Wellington in the late 1940s is not clear.

Mr Kirton said: "If it could ever be resurrected, under some circumstances I think it could be devastating."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Damaged lenses

if you don't like it you can always take out the front element and use it as a super macro lens capable of greater than 1:1

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Economics is the study of priorities and shortage?

We now have, like it or not, a surplus of satisfied borrowers. Satisfied in the sense of satiated, not at all happy!

So austerity is merely the recognition of this and a desire to return to prosperity, some growth, any growth, as soon as possible!

Mal-investment has occurred. This has to be removed from the system. Now is the time for that. The more that a sovereign borrows the more interest it will pay and then repaying the capital is hard. Attitudes have yet to change and recognize that debt is poison in many situations, despite, in fact because, of its previous ubiquity.

The Unholy Roman Empire

The euro is European discipline.
Ireland is governed by peasants in blue suits.
Discipline is foreign to them. They know land and food and little else. They will take the easiest way out. Either we continue with their ignorance or else we adopt a common strength with the Reich, the Roman empire, that is now Europe.
This must be a secular empire. No Inquisition. No Crusade. The call to prayer can be transmitted by radio to those who are interested. Religion will be a private matter. Debt will be controlled. These matters are connected.

Martin Luther King

In 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King delivered one of his most moving and important speeches, “Beyond Vietnam,” in which he spoke out against war and empire. He left humanity with sobering words:

I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a "thing-oriented" society to a "person-oriented" society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

USA mortgagor?

Bob Chapman has this very good advice:

If you do not believe this contact your servicer and try to hunt down who now owns your mortgage. You will be stonewalled almost from your first inquiry.

You will note here that servicers in some cases are getting huge money. For what? I ask. They are supposed to be simple middlemen between your payment and funds transfer to the lender, therein being paid for the service, hence the term servicer.

If you pay the servicer, but the present owner of the mortgage does not get the funds, you will be sued for payment. You will have to sue the servicer to get your funds back. If servicers had to be bailed out that means they were not operating as a fiduciary, but as a speculator of some sort. You can therefore be royally screwed.

For your sake please go to this site because if the real lender does not get paid you should be asking what happened to your money?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ludwig von Mises

"There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit (debt) expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit (debt) expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved." - Ludwig von Mises

Banks are dangerous to liberty

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property - until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

TJ !!

Rightful liberty

"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual."

-Thomas Jefferson, third US President, architect and author (1743-1826)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stupidity or wilful blindness?

Blindness is to be encouraged among those who are slaves. Else they go insane when they realize what they have thrown away!

Curing cancer

If cures are found, many jobs and profitable drugs will be lost..... This is the incentive NOT to find a cure.

A cure that costs little is very bad news and likely to be suppressed. Try this: cancer cells are growing rapidly hence they need a lot of oxygen. Any mild poison that blocks this oxygen will kill them, but we, the medical PTB, insist on using heavy metals, knowing that they will kill the patient after they kill the cancer, if they do. Why not administer CO Carbon Monoxide? Breathe in for 30 seconds. Rest and breathe in oxygen for 2 minutes. Then repeat. Wait a day. Repeat.

Send all contributions to anyone but the medical establishment!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Detecting comets and asteroids before they are obvious.....

When out at night moonlight casts a wonderful spell. In addition to reflecting the light of the nearby star, it polarizes the light. Viewed through polarizing plastic, whether or not contained in high quality glass, the light will dim and slowly disappear as the linear filter is rotated until nearly all the light is gone!

Whatever the source of the light from a star it is clearly not polarized. When an object reflects the light, it is polarized and thus we receive a tiny amount upon earth. By employing suitable means and a polarizing filter it should be possible to leave an image on a "computer screen" that shows many faint objects that are not self illuminating, but reflect polarized light only.

Taking a "shot" of the night sky will virtually fill the image with light. Taking another, longer one, to account for the roughly one quarter reduction in light caused by the filter, will show all the self illuminating objects less those that reflect. It may need two or three such shots, taken with a one third rotation of the polarizing filter, to eliminate all the reflecting objects. Taking a negative of the first shot and combining it with each of the others will eliminate all the self illuminating objects. What is left is asteroidal with the occasional plotted and named object among them. Repetition of this over time will enable plotting and ascertain the degree of likely proximity to be expected over the near future.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Garda Siochana

The Irish police force have a wonderful relationship with journalists. Despite having atrocious insurance records, few journos ever get prosecuted by the police in Ireland, unless they have failed the attitude test!

As a result, lots of useful publicity "happens"!

This means blow by low investigation reports and fingering of "suspects" where the Gardai deem it appropriate. Jimmy Livingstone was an enemy of the state within a state. He was failing to obey directions to cease tackling tax evasion in bank branches. His wife was slaughtered.

Thereafter his son and daughter were slandered by "newspapers"!
He was innocent but it was "useful" to destroy him.

Social Partnership

Stability is good but can it come at too high a price? Bribing trade unions to agree to national wage agreements is simply a matter of terminology!

I must be saying some interesting things as it appears I have been disallowed posting privileges!

Now what have I posted that annoyed academics who pride themselves on freedom of expression?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Titles are for tories

VOC Volatile Organic Compounds

Most of these are misdescribed as fossil fuels. They are partly non-renewable. They came mainly from other planetary bodies. They are present on the earth in enormous quantities, and under massive pressures. Negligently or worse, deliberately arranging for colossal quantities to be released in the Gulf of Mexico.

Volatile, as in easily becoming gaseous. Explosive, when mixed with oxygen. A hurrican is coming...... This will induce more volatility and mixing to ensure more perfect combustion.....

Interesting times!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grand Cross

This Saturday is 6-26-2010. There is a Lunar Eclipse and the start of what is known as a Grand Cross in a Grand Square in the Geocentric Sky (i.e. from Earth). There are 5 planets, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury PLUS the Sun and Moon all taking up the points of a cross with the Earth slap bang in the middle.

And only 2 weeks later there will be a Total Solar Eclipse and that is on July 11th.

Expect earthquakes....

Saudi Prince says Flee!

This may be a ruse to speed up the timing of an event. Getting a revolutionary movement to act before it should is a goal of all security organizations. They will have been penetrated....

The real warnings are always private. Saddam died long before the country was invaded. A loyal CIA agent to the last. What do you do with look alikes? Hang em! After you have a show trial! Remember we never heard the fake Saddam. They look the part, but tape recorders do the speeches, Brittany is not the only one who can lipsynch!

New regulations for banks in Ireland!

Will all phone calls and offices of the regulators be recorded?

Will regulators be sacked for failing?

Will banks lose their licence, for failing to obey the rules?

Will we have many small, unlimited banks, all partnerships?

How will they address the OPM problem?

Banks without licences are also capable of being chain letters or pyramid schemes or Ponzi schemes. The purpose of regulation is to ensure that the amount of funds lost is nil. When licenced, these become banks and are regulated, and are automatically too big ever to be punished. Remember that the Revenue Commissioners decided that the DPP should not proceed with any prosecution of a well known bank for their widely publicised tax evasion schemes sold to their clients. A bank has to launder funds for mass murderers before it will be sanctioned……

Banks that do their job well, will find that they are running out of capital for lending and they will approach the wholsale market for short term funds in order to lend long…. Then when they have enabled any and all to have borrowed, the economy collapses!

But no one will have broken any rules if it is properly regulated….. The problem is not actually the lack of regulation, it is the purpose of banks: lending is bad for the economy! If an activity is good business, it generates its own cash flow and allows natural expansion. Otherwise you buy a bank manager and lever yourself into bankruptcy!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wikileaks and the Dis-Information machine!


And Assange is supposed to be a CIA operative also in other reports!

Just read the dirt and make up your own mind!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coastal disaster for USA

I wonder will one ethnic group in particular be forewarned? George Ure has attempted to warn all and sundry.

Perhaps the needless deaths of millions fulfils the definition of a holocaust? Will that be used against the "Judah"?

Will there be a Jubilee?

The timing will be dictated by the T-Square?

Gas: $5 a gallon!

Not because there will be too little gas, but because there will be too much, all over the beaches! After a few more months the US will impose a recovery tax.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Housing market failures ……

Housing shortage in Melbourne …….
Ireland has a surplus of ever cheaper housing…….
Market failures ……. despite more economics graduates than ever before, in the history of mankind.

Virgins at Sea!

We appear to be keen to propitiate whatever Gods we still respect (but fear to have slighted, nonetheless) by keeping harmless, also called innocent, virgins, that is to say young women, unencumbered with child, at sea for the last 10 months. The Australian one got away with it, intacta, but the Yankee sister of a youth who also succeeded is now in peril.

So we get what we wanted: peril at sea. Angd the Gulf is bubbling goodo too.

What is the connection?

Some Big Lies of Science by Dr. Denis G. Rancourt

Thursday, June 10, 2010

World's worst tsunami, in recorded history?

I am waiting for the drama that is the Gulf of Mexico leak to become a disaster, once the clathrates are ignited. The Caribbean will get the worst of it.

Pay attention to the measurements of the explosions?

Spare a thought for those who want to rule the wotld 001

It must be very frustrating when the world's largest ever supercomputer, aka WWW, interweb :-) is under attack from IFACT and others when MS and others have made PCs as vulnerable as they can! All of a sudden, ISPs are threatening this wonderful device in a desire to buttress the Mafia's money laundering machines! Well since the Free World is also ensuring that drugs get through, blowback is always goin' to happen.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

An item from Chemical and Engineering News comes to mind. Workers "found the fossil skeleton of a baleen whale some 10-12 million years old in... diatomaceous earth quarries in Lompoc, Calif. .... The whale is standing on end in the quarry and is being exposed as the diatomite is mined... The fossil may be close to 80 feet long." A sarcastic reader wrote in (March 21, 1977) that "Everybody knows that diatomaceous earthbeds are built up slowly over millions of years as diatom skeletons slowly settle out on the ocean floor. The baleen whale simply stood on its tail for 100,000 years, its skeleton decomposing, while the diatomaceous snow covered its frame millimeter by millimeter."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


How long will it be before the world beorganized to colonize Venus, Mars and the moon of earth, Luna?

The effort required will eclipse wars ever fought. It shall galvanize the world economy and require world government.

Fortunes will be made in the rush, accomplishing what Adam Smith was referring to by the hidden hand.

It may also be necessary in order to enable humanity and Gorillas etc to survive!

Friday, May 28, 2010

polarized light

A key difference between metals and dielectrics like glass and clear fluids is a difference in the way the molecules hold onto their electrical charge carriers called electrons that make up most of the molecule's volume. In metals, some of the electrons from each atom (or molecule) can move freely about in the bulk material. This is also the reason that metals make such good electrical conductors. Light waves differ from radio waves only in degree, not in type. Incoming light waves cause these electrons to vibrate strongly in such a way that they generate an electromagnetic field that opposes the entering light. Most of this energy is then used to regenerate a field in a different direction that appears as reflected light. Almost all of the light is reflected; only a small amount is absorbed and a negligible amount is transmitted unless the metal is very thin, e.g., gold leaf or a partially silvered mirror.

On the other hand, the molecules in a dielectric material hold onto its electrons tightly, which greatly restricts the electrons' ability to vibrate or otherwise interact with the incoming field. Most of the incoming light therefore goes into the bulk material, with only a small portion being reflected at the surface. That proportion being reflected depends not only on the incoming light's frequency and direction but also on the direction (polarization) the incoming light is vibrating. At a certain angle called Brewster's angle that depends on the electrical properties of both materials - both the stuff that the light is entering and that which it is leaving - all of the light that vibrates perpendicular to the surface of the material enters the bulk material and none of it is reflected. The light vibrating parallel to the surface has no such restriction, so all the light reflected from such an incident beam is polarized perpendicular to the reflecting surface. Because this reflected light is polarized, it can be blocked by a polarizing filter on the camera lens oriented perpendicular to the plane of polarization of the reflected light.

The angle at which the polarization is closely related to the relative speeds that light propagates through the two substances. The index of refraction of a substance is the inverse of the speed that light propagates through that substance. The index of refraction is almost but not quite independent on the frequency of light. Water has an index of refraction of 1.33 or about 4/3, so light propagates through water at about 3/4 the speed it would propagate through air (or vacuum). Brewster's angle for water is 53 degrees from normal (perpendicular) incidence. Window glass typically has a refractive index of about 1.5 and has a Brewster's angle of a bit more than 56 degrees. Even exotic glass selected for its high index of refraction seldom goes much above 1.9, with a Brewster's angle of about 62 degrees. With the possible exception of diamonds (n = 2.42, Brewster's angle of 67-1/2 degrees) you will seldom encounter a material that you would want to suppress reflection on that is outside this range.

For ordinary photographic purposes, you can get a decent level of attenuation of the reflected light if you get reasonably close to Brewster's angle, but this polarizing phenomenon is of little help to you if the offending reflections are grazing off the surface at nearly 90 degrees to the normal - typical of sunsets over water - or from surfaces nearly perpendicular to your camera's optical axis, such as straight-on at a polished marble wall. However, if all of your light comes from your studio equipment, you can mount polarizers on all of your studio lights as well as the camera's lens. That way, you don't have to depend on the surface polarization effect to kill offending glare.

The common angle of 45 degrees is close enough to Brewster's angle for optical components to make the reflective properties of these components annoyingly dependent on the incoming light's amount and direction of polarization. A circular polarizer is therefore necessary for cameras with such components. A circular polarizer has a regular linear polarizer on the side facing the incoming light but in addition has an extra element called a quarter wave plate mounted to the back. The quarter wave plate changes the polarized light coming through in such a way that, although the light is still polarized, a linear polarizing element will react to this light in much the same way as it would react to unpolarized light. This removes the dependency of subsequent elements on the way the incoming light is polarized.

You can also use the way a circular polarizer is constructed to tell it from an ordinary linear polarizer. The linear polarizer will extinguish glare regardless of which surface faces the subject, but the circular polarizer will extinguish glare only if it is mounted in the conventional way.

80-20 Rule

This rule, as you know, says that 80% of our time is wasted, while 20% of our time actually accomplishes ?80% of our tasks. Or close to that!

But it works in other areas too. 80% of what we think is erroneous as it is based on misinformation mainly from out of date theories and science. Of the 20% that is correct, we disbelieve 80% of it, for the same reasons.

It requires effort to get it right and trawling the web and reflecting helps a lot!

(You do know that 80% of the WWW is deliberate misinformation, don't you?)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Corporate Theory

It is the lot of Law lecturers to liken Company Law to the human body. Sometimes that is more true than they understand.

The analysis of how the human species should organize itself has occupied enquiring minds for some time. Having survived cosmic bombardment, we know what the sky can bring and must organize to be efficient and to survive for as long as possible in an immensely awful universe.

Viewed thus, the idea that what does not destroy humanity merely makes it stronger, acquires new force. We need more theories and hypotheses from all quarters in order to deal with the dilemmas presented by our existence.

Do we restrain limited, supervised genetic engineering of humans, in order to survive likely circumstances facing us in the event of an ELE? No is the obvious answer. Do we need to alert people or even obtain their consent? There is less justification for the same answer, but the justification of survival of the species demands any and every exploration of potential use.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Shepherds

To secure a pure herd it may be necessary to tackle the wolves that always prey on the herd. This may alarm the herd, but by carefully assessing the results of the killing of the wolves, the main crop may be assured that those who soar overhead are truly protecting the crop and that not all wolves in sheeps clothing are enemies. The difference between the two types of wolf is that one is tamed and is capable of discipline even in killing.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A passionate Advocate

I apologize for stridency, but I continue to be passionate about the issues involved. I hope how I say, what I say, does not obscure my analysis.

Has the Earth ever tilted so that it flipped nearly completely over?

Could the Earth have even turned over completely without interrupting (interrupting very little) its spin or its magnetic field? The geographic poles would be reversed, and along with them the magnetic field. The Earth could not perform such a movement without an external assist, whether from an upsetting explosion of gases from the Sun or from the attraction or repulsion of a large passing body.

According to Warlow, who has however been challenged by Slabinski, the transaction could be relatively delicate; it would amount to the drawing of a force along the Earth's path that would cause it to tip over while containing its spin, in the manner of a tippe-top, a toy that is weighed on top and set to spinning on the board; the top turns completely over continuing to spin all the while in the same direction, North becomes South and East becomes West [8] . The motion performed is technically a fast precession.

A moment's reflection will rid us of any notion that the action would be harmless. The atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere would be agitated and produce effects that by any measures would have to be called quantavolutionary. For instance, it appears most likely that the widespread sudden destruction throughout the northern regions of the mammoths and other large mammals occurred in conjunction with a tilt of the Earth's axis in the presence of the exoterrestrial entity causing the tilt. We can say this because a sudden deep vacuum freeze, asphyxiation, thrusting of masses of gravel and bones, and permanent cold ever thereafter, such that the animals are sometimes found still fleshed-out and diagnosed in certain cases as heart-failures or with blood-clotted lungs, must indicate a holospheric event comprising an atmospheric and aquatic withdrawal, the descent of an extreme coldness, and upon the passing of the body, returning tides of water and wind to accomplish quick burial under muck, ice and tundra.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

National fiscal rules: See

"Capitalism means free enterprise, sovereignty of the consumers in economic matters, and sovereignty of the voters in political matters. Socialism means full government control of every sphere of the individual's life and the unrestricted supremacy of the government in its capacity as central board of production management."

Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973)

When we borrow we take from the future all growth and bring it into the now. If we do it too much, we crowd out sense and the investments we make are bad in that they may return less than was borrowed. So we must find new investments to make up the loss and create more growth. When we cannot, it is a depression and we must pay off the interest and the loss out of a period of no growth or even contraction.
When borrowing happens too widely it can artificially inflate costs of investments such that no return is possible, even if the investment would have had a high rate of return. Our children have to pay too as their needs are subordinated to those of the debt. Even if fiat currency is printed to large amounts it will not suffice as there is no longer any velocity of money and it is unused or causes inflation. The wealth of the nation reduces as the traders increase their demands for devalued fiat currency. Those who lent to the government trusting that they would be repaid, find that their savings disappear as the value is lost to inflation. Hence the further destruction of capital caused by borrowing too much. Do not lend to the borrowers, it only encourages them! They will repay in full, but with money in the future which will be worth maybe half of what was lent! Capital tries to seek an investment but finds only those things that cannot be destroyed by the socialist government. Gold, silver and commodities.

National fiscal rules therefore should prohibit private and public borrowing as a proportion of the GNP, for Ireland. What perecentage? What degree of increase, if any? Only if a worthwhile investment is available! Who judges that? This will not get off the ground while banking and "OPM investment" exist as a means of stealing from the feeble. Too much to be lost!

Key to a Good Memory: Predict What You Need to Remember

By LiveScience Staff

Greater activation in the medial temporal lobe (MTL on the left) makes it more likely that a fact will actually be remembered. Greater activation in left ventral prefrontal cortex (on the right) corresponds to subjective prediction that a fact will be remembered ("judgment of learning"). Credit: MIT

Greater activation in the medial temporal lobe (MTL on the left) makes it more likely that a fact will actually be remembered. Greater activation in left ventral prefrontal cortex (on the right) corresponds to subjective prediction that a fact will be remembered ("judgment of learning"). Credit: MIT

It's one thing to stuff a lot of facts into your brain. Marking them as important is a whole other talent.

Yet this predictive ability is a key to having a good memory, a new brain-imaging study suggests.

While one part of the brain was very active when study subjects were memorizing something, a separate area lit up when they were predicting if they'd need to recall the information later, the images revealed.

Predicting is an important part of successful learning because it allows us to judge whether we've studied enough or need to review more, explained lead researcher John Gabrieli of MIT.

"We've known through psychological studies that the brain performs these two functions, encoding the memory and predicting whether the information will be later recalled,"Gabrieli said. "This is our first insight into the different brain mechanisms for memory and prediction, what psychologists call judgments of learning."

The memory encoding region lies in the medial temporal lobe (MTL) near the ear. The predicting region lies in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VMPFC) above the eyes. The two regions communicate with each other, the researchers say.

Room for improvement

In essence, Gabrieli and his colleagues say, the mind seems to monitor the brain, telling you if you need to review some information again or if you know it cold.

Writing in the December issue of the journal Nature Neuroscience, Gabrieli and colleagues conclude that people who make more accurate prediction are better learners. Some people can intuitively judge their own memory, the scientists say, while others must learn the skill.

Learning more about the mechanics of this introspection might help people become better learners, Gabrieli said.

The Psychic Shield And The Power Of Now

By Michael Goodspeed

Most medical doctors are more adept at treating an illness' symptoms than identifying and conquering its root cause. If a patient has strep throat, a doctor will prescribe antibiotics, and the symptoms will usually dissipate. But it is unlikely that the doctor will explore in depth why the person became sick in the first place. The patient might be "cured" of the strep throat, but he is still suffering from a compromised immune system. He had step throat yesterday, and tomorrow he'll have cancer.

This narrow field of vision also affects many in the field of self-help. Countless books have been written about the road to recovery from addiction and neurosis, but like the medical doctor who only sees the symptoms of a sickness, most of these authors do not identify the taproot of dysfunction. Even the 12-step program may be lacking in this regard. Participants are told to embrace a Higher Power, but they may be left to wonder, "Where is this Higher Power? How do I find it?"

But what if it is possible to identify a single taproot of all human suffering? Could we cut it out like a tumor and make ourselves well? Because the mind is a complex tapestry, the very notion seems naïve and simplistic.

Simplistic or not, one author not only succeeds in finding this taproot, but hands the reader an axe and instructs him to swing. The name of the author is Eckhart Tolle, and the book is titled, "The Power of Now." I've plowed through countless spiritual, new age, and mainstream therapeutic guides to self-improvement, but Tolle's words resonate with more fundamental truth than anything else I've read.

As its title suggests, "...Now" explores the transformative effects of living in the present moment. Tolle comments that the vast majority of humanity is ruled by the egoic, obsessive-thinking mind, which keeps us forever brooding over the past, and projecting into the future. The capacity for "higher" thought distinguishes mankind from every other species on Earth, but according to Tolle, it also keeps us in bondage with suffering. Tolle refers to compulsive thinking as an "addiction" and "disease," and states that the road to good mental health can only be found by "disidentifying with the mind."

Tolle draws a clear delineation between the terms "mind" and "consciousness." Although we are taught to believe that the mind is a necessary tool to function in the world, Tolle argues that mind dominance leads to compulsive thinking, i.e. a racing mind that continuously makes problems where none exist. The mind (according to Tolle) is a creation and tool of the ego, and in order to survive, it must convince its owner that the present moment is inadequate - that happiness can only be found in some elusive future reward. Consciousness, however, is not only superior to mind in creativity, but does not live in resistance of the present moment. Tolle writes, "Enlightenment means rising above thought, not falling back to a level below thought, the level of an animal or a plant. In the enlightened state, you still use your thinking mind when needed, but in a much more effective and focused way than before...No-mind is consciousness without thought."

Tolle explains that the mind creates a false and limited self - the ego -- that derives its (illusory) strength entirely from its external life situation, or life story. This of course creates tremendous inner conflict, as a person's "happiness" is subject to the inevitable rollercoaster of life's "ups" and "downs." The false self (ego) is incapable of living in the present moment, always believing that happiness lies in some external reward, which only exists in the future.

Resistance to the present moment creates what Tolle calls "psychological time." And Tolle argues that our "addiction" to time is perhaps the greatest plague our species has ever known. He writes, "You will not have any doubt that psychological time is a mental disease if you look at its collective manifestations. They occur, for example, in the form of ideologies such as communism, national socialism or any nationalism, or rigid religious belief systems, which operate under the implicit assumption that the highest good lies in the future and that therefore the end justifies the means...Not infrequently, the means of getting there are the enslavement, torture, and murder of people in the present...This is a chilling example of how belief in a future heaven creates a present hell."

According to Tolle, one benefit that comes from living in the present moment is that it empowers you to not be overwhelmed when things inevitably go wrong. He even goes so far as to state, "All problems are illusions of the mind." The reader is invited to participate in a very powerful exercise, where Tolle instructs, "Focus your attention on the Now and tell me what problem you have at this moment." I've done this several times, and never once have I discovered a problem.

Tolle elaborates, " is impossible to have a problem when your attention is fully in the Now. A situation that needs to be either dealt with or accepted - yes. Why make it into a problem?...The mind unconsciously loves problems, because they give you an identity of sorts. This is normal, and it is also insane."

Tolle attempts to give the reader the tools to be fully connected with the present moment. This includes simple exercises such as closing one's eyes, and observing the first thought that comes to mind. This constant reminder to silence the mind and live in the Now may seem overly simplistic, but as Tolle explains, egoic mind can never really be understood. Therapists spend years dredging up and analyzing their patients' pasts, but Tolle tells us to "die to the past" in every moment.

If there is a fundamental key to becoming present, according to Tolle, it is the act of surrender. The term surrender, in the minds of many people, has a negative connotation, meaning "resignation." But in the context of becoming more present, it is an act of courage -- to stop living in denial of what IS. Tolle writes, "Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to rather than opposing the flow of life. The only place where you can experience the flow of life is in the Now, so to surrender is to accept the present moment unconditionally and without reservation...If you find your life situation unsatisfactory or even intolerable, it is only by surrendering first that you can break the unconscious resistance pattern that perpetuates that situation."

Although Tolle's words are timeless and cross boundaries of culture, race, and religion, I believe that the Power of Now has exceptional relevance for people living in 21st century America. It happens that the United States is home to more sociopathic and self-destructive pathologies than any other country in the world. The U.S. has born and raised 76% of the world's serial killers, even though we hold just 3% of the world's population; we sport the highest rate of childhood murders and suicides among the world's 26 wealthiest nations; the highest rate of obesity of any nation in the world; the highest incidence of the eating disorder anorexia; the highest rate of adolescent drug use of any industrialized nation; and the highest rate of adolescent pregnancy in the Western world.

In my opinion, serial killers, anorexics, drug addicts, suicide victims, etc., have one thing in common - they all identify excessively with mind. They live in constant resistance of the present moment, choosing to contract inward and create a false sense of self from intense fantasy worlds. Many serial killers have confessed that they value their private thoughts more than they value reality. So no serial killer - or anyone who does violence to another - has ever been truly connected to the Now.

The false self (ego) is actively bred and cultivated by the American culture. Competition - the key tenet of every aspect of our society - is driven by the belief that happiness can only be found in some future reward (victory). Even the exalted "American Dream" is based on a lie - that the future is more powerful than the present.

To be fully conscious in the present moment is to create a "psychic shield" against all attempts at manipulation by those in power - media, government, religion, and corporations. Indeed, YOU can't be manipulated at all - only your THOUGHTS can. When you disidentify with the mind, you become the OBSERVER of your thoughts, and they no longer have the power to overwhelm you. No attempt to trigger anger, despair, depression, or hatred will be successful if you have discovered the power of the Now.