Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hitler et al

How do you, as a banker, concerned with the future of humanity and with an eye to profit from human weakness, ensure that wars do not result in your own destruction?

Ensuring that those in charge are politicians is essential. War being conducted by Generals becomes chess, as was shown in the 17th Century. When one side is in possession of a superiority in battle the professionals are happy to agree a result based upon that, without insisting upon a butcher's bill caused by pressing home an attack. This determines the issue with honour, as befits Christian Kingsa, annointed by God, but does not suit those who fund the Royal coffers on both side.

Politicians are merely agents of those who can destroy them but who lavish wealth upon them. By controlling one leader, the cost is minimized!

They required distraction from pogrom and Inquisition and more profit by expenditure of shot and shell. Human adversaries being reduced by mutual destruction also meant freedom from persecution. So real war is essential for the banking interests.

Now we have the UN. WE recognize equality of religion and freedom to worship or pursue beliefs without discrimination. So the bankers should have put away their weapons?

But they have not.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anti fraud measures, whistleblowers profitting!

Ms. Eckard's lawsuit was filed under the U.S. False Claims Act. The law, which dates back to the Civil War, prohibits people or businesses from defrauding the government, and provides incentives for people who suspect wrongdoing to come forward. Lawsuits are typically filed confidentially in federal court to protect the identity of the plaintiff. The Justice Department then determines whether the case has enough merit for it to take over.

My, my. A good idea that is 150 years old! Shjouild be universal!

What do you do?

You are on a different planet.
You are unable to escape.
The home planet may have been destroyed.
You have an advanced knowledge of biology and some useful technology.
You are not bound not to interfere with the fauna as they are very primitive.
You are not bound not to interfere with the fauna as all bets are off given the catastrophic loss of culture and DNA on home planet.
You wish to preserve your DNA which may be unique.


Tax evasion advice!

Believe it or not, this is not per se illegal or as we lawyers say: "unlawful".

Suppose this dynasty lives in a kleptocracy and by the secomnd generation they have bought a couple off politicians in an unregistered informal limited partnership. The main business was so good that pots of cash literally were kept in the boardroom! When the next generation got to take charge, they sold off the main business as a recession was obvious. They washed much of that and all the previous cash through an obliging bank. It went abroad but came back in via a foreign trust owning shares in a foreign corporation. The corporation bought large tracts of prime land. As a corporation never dies, there will never be death duties or CAT or CTT or whatever. As ownership changes within the family the legal ownership remains the same and no one thinks to notify the Revenue Commissioners of the CGT liabilities. The Corporation is said to be non-resident and all board meetings take place in tax havens. The board are all hired flunkies, often the peasants of Sark etc and they act in accordance with the wishes of the shareholders for a stipend. Different corporations are used for different purchases.

We all know the old but true saw: "the first generation makes it, the second keeps it and the third spends it!"

This structure prevents any alienation. Lawyerspeak for you may enjoy a stream of income from it, but you, the profligate third and subsequent generations, can't sell the 'cos you never control it until certain events occur. These depend on that trust I mentioned earlier! The trustees are the shareholders..... It is all controlled by whomever runs the family fortune and should that person die, the next on the list takes opver. These two persons do not travel together in view of the finite possibility of joint death. Fortunes have been expended legally trying to decide which of two persons died first as the heirs, portions taxes may all differ. Ultimately a stuffy old lawyer can be appointed backstop but when the profligates disagree the lawyers often end up inheriting a fair share.

Some of the lawyers reading this know better than me that this is merely the basic structure and it is open to Anstalten in Liechtentstein etc to be employed to vary matters.

The point is that the Revenue Commissioners have never been very diligent, for reasons related to the Haughey threats to public servants, to use the "transfer of assets abroad" legislation brought in by Richie Ruin et al in 1974.

These corporations have been used for other things also. As they accumulate funds, they would be able to buy speculative land, for development. As it was obvious to quite a few that the events of 2001 meant that the USA was going to QE until the cows came home, it was time to put the said cows out to pasture.... Selling off land bought over a generation and ad hoc as suckers, (sorry novice developers) were encountered, these would all be flogged to what many would say were their competitors and would be competitors) in the game to end all games. The end of the boom or great moderation as it was termed, was clearly nigh. Some prize sites might be kept but why? They could all be bought back after the crisis, GFC, storm etc had passed, at a fraction of what they would fetch when sold now. The proceeds might be invested in many things, but a great idea from one of those oicky ex-tax inspectors might be used: invest in making funds available for their competitors to buy the land! Thus the banks would be able to lend more and more to these parvenues, ensuring hegemony of the family fortunes.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick money?

Remember, work is the only thing that will set you free!

Trying to "make" money is foolish. Earn a lifestyle, concentrate on a balance between internal and external needs and always help those whom you meet. They are family customers, suppliers, servants and governors.

Do not believe that others can help you. They might, but you are better off helping yourself and others. Sometimes that means charging a fee or doing it for free!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to prevent yourself going to gaol, ("Jail" for any yanks) for bank tampering .....

Buy yourself a government, or two, if they are going cheap in a sale.

Then get your toadies, the government, (pay attention!) to ask how the investigation is going. There has to be an investigation. If there isn't, there is nothing to worry about! Don't ask a flunky. Get the "head buck cat" to explain if there is enough evidence. Have an Attorney or Solicitor General handy to impress the flunkies flunky, heretofore known as "head buck cat" whom I shall call Fachtna, for ease of identification. Whatever evidence Fachtna has to date, have your flunkies explain that it is not enough, yet. Identify specific types of evidence that is currently out of reach except by new laws. Impress the need for new laws on Fachtna. Get him to agree in minutes, later initialled by him.

Then, get Fachtna to write to the Government, sort of out of the blue, like, you know, Garda Commissioners do, saying that he does not need any new "powers" to carry out the investigation that is now completely stalled.

Job done! Well done Fachtna, you get to keep your job until you retire in a blaze of glory, with lots of Quango prospects!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Being a "hostage" can be dangerous!

The Italian journalist escaped assassination in Iraq .... by the US forces!

This English girl was not so lucky! Do not think that you can have substantial contact of any sort, with "terrorists" and escape alive. False flag operations kill!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Korea Axis of Evil and looking glass world!

Saddam was not executed by Iraq, but they did pretend to execute a look alike, who was allowed to speak at his trial, in character, but whose voice was not transmitted.

This may just be a poor look alike as dictators do tend to be victims of assassinations. It would be normal practice to distribute false information about his appearance. Both pictures may be false!

Osama Bin Laden is another whose appearance has altered much. Skulduggery from Skull and Bones?

Shurely not! Mine’s a triple Brandy!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

False Flag coming up? Houston or coastal Texas?

Someone has put money on a dramatic fall in value of a business in the next 30 days....

Pile on in! And lose all ya money? Most of this stuff will come to nothing, but elections are coming and Americans need to be reminded of the big bad wolf!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bauer and Bower

If I had that surname, I might pay someone to play a part, with some risk, in order to safeguard my family from the corruption of power and wealth.

Children require sturdy upbringing and too much too soon produces a green sapling that will wilt at the first adversity. Choosing the best candidate for actual power, becomes less fraught, but still requires a wisdom usually denied to one person.