Sunday, February 27, 2011


How many look-alikes had he and where is he now?

The age of the earth

It is not as old as we are told.

Isotopic decay from uranium into lead, is the main means of dating rocks. This varies and is not constant, something that was not fully established until recently and the precise degree of modification of the constant half-life has yet to be established.

If the earth were thousands of millions of years old, with trees and higher animals around for 2 billion years, we would have flat continents and all would be under sea. All the detritus of life is called soil. Soils vary from hundreds of metres deep to nil. If life had been here for that length of time, there would be much more of it.

Another point: the blue whale we are told, is the largest ever animal to have existed, yet it is merely 20,000,000 years old. Dinosaurs were around for 200,000,000 years or so yet never reached that size despite their colossal land size.

The oceans are very recent and their formation and the cause of their origin, via ice, are one reason for earthquakes. Look at the ocean shelf around most continents and it shows the clear margin established for 10-20,000 years before the ice melted and submerged these fertile plains where cities were long ago established.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Democracy and subversion

Money buys subversion. The elite in Britain and now America, operate with gold etc to buy leaders. Therefore, they like "Royalty" as they are a source of acceptable leaders. They fear genuine democracy as every citizen is actually equal and should as was the case in Athens, be chosen by lot, not ballot.

Allow random leaders to operate. Remember, those who control money try to control history, as Eric Blair told us, writing as Geo Orwell! Leaders are like paedophile victims, groomed from an early age!

They have twisted the idea of democracy. Annual leaders drawn at random.

No standing army.

No banks, only credit unions. Let capital accumulate but not be distributed to idiots who allow greed to blind them to their slavery!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Cancer industry.

Where is the incentive to actually cure cancer? Too many people benefit from the industry of trying but failing to cure it!

All poisons taken in small doses are capable of killing all cancers. In large doses and if heavy metals ion moderate doses, they will also immediately or ultimately cause death!

Cancers grow faster than the rest of the body, that is why they are cancers. They disrupt the body and take most of the nutrition as they are fed by blood vessels to a greater degree than anything else in the body.


It is that simple?! Understand cancers. They are simple. There is nothing to fear. It is a fear based industry!

Radioactivity and bacteria are the main causes. When the body fails to kill the rogue cells, then it becomes cancer.

Even starvation will kill them. Weaken them then poison them?

Apricot seed, like apple seeds, contain small amounts of C=N, ie Cyanide. Laetrile. Any poison that attacks the vascular system will most affect cancers. Aspirin overdose will eventually cause erosion of the stomach lining and ulcers that can perforate causing sepsis. But periodic alternate dosing of aspirin and other poisons will rest the body and protect from damage.

Rest the body, calm the mind. Poison the cancer. Starvation in between treatments will purge the body and allow the cancer to take the maximum dosage as some of the poison may be kept in the body.

Even massive doses of vitamins act as a poison. But they may also distort the cancer which may be good. The usual rules of good nutrition change: take unbalanced meals. All fats, all carbs, all protein for a day at a time. Do not mix them. The idea is to knock the cancer off balance and weaken those cells.