Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alarmism about 2012!!

First the good news: if they seek to justify prophecy of a supernova bu saying that the fusion process in Betelguese or Antares shows that nova is likely, they are lying. Fusion only occurs on the surface of the sun. It is not a nuclear fireball. It is an eletric arc in space and punches out plasma, and recives plasma also.

The bad news See Paul LaViolette . There is currently no way of predicting when any of the solar upsets will occur. As the sun is less active, the case can be made that it is more likely to have local material impact the sun. Thus acting as a trigger for a CME. But it is less active.

The Mayans were unable to use the wheel for transport but did use it for a calendar, apparently.... Just not very likely.

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