Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Grow your own ..... TEETH!


Below are listed the more frequently asked questions relating to Odontis and our work, along with our answers. We will be updating this information as and when new information is ready to be released.

When will the technology be available to the public?

We are making good progress but we do not expect the technology to be available to the general public for at least another seven to ten years.

You said the same thing several years ago. Why is it taking so long?

The development of a BioTooth™ is ground-breaking research and takes time. We will not seek to launch a commercial product until we are sure the technology works and is robust.

Can you give us an update on progress?

The current work is company confidential. Any publicly available information will be posted on the website.

Can I volunteer for trials?

No - we will not be in a position to start clinical trials for several years and we are not holding a waiting list.

Will the technology be available in the US?


How much will it cost?

It is difficult to say right now but we hope that the BioTooth™ will be an attractive alternative to other technologies such as implants.

How long will the tooth take to grow?

We expect it will take two to three months to grow.

What colour will the tooth be?

We hope it will match your other teeth but we don’t as yet know this.

Can anyone have the procedure?

We don’t see why not, although the technology is probably not suitable for children under 16.

If I have an implant now, will that mean I can’t have a BioTooth™ later?

We don’t yet know. However, given the timescales involved in bringing our technology to market, we recommend that you seek the most appropriate treatment for your current needs.

Where will the cells come from?

Part of the current research programme is to investigate different sources of cells to see which ones work best.

If I have a tooth extracted, should I save it so the cells can be used?

It is unlikely that cells from an extracted tooth will still be viable by the time the technology comes to the market.

Should I save my child’s baby teeth?

There are commercially available services for banking children’s milk teeth but we have not yet tested whether cells banked in this way can be used later.

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