Sunday, March 28, 2010

Do we have time?

To consider what would happen should the orb of the earth be tipped, North to South?
Immediately, dear reader, you ask questions. How?

Well, suppose it has happened already and will happen again.
Before the last reversal, the ice age was rampant. Viewing the globe from space, the British isles were where the Falklands are now. These islands were joined to the European continent to their west, as the ice on the islands and the continent and elsewhere had reduced the sea level 320 feet or 100 metres. A land bridge existed.

As the islands were on the east side of the Eurasia continental mass, the weather was very harsh, similar to that of Kamchatka, today. It was dry and very cold, with occasional storms from the east that would bring snow and in the summer, rain. At 52 degrees South, the temperature is very cold. The British Isles currently, forgive the pun, receive the benefit of massive warming from the Gulf Stream, originating in the Carribean. There was no such current during the Ice Age.

Some of the Velikovskians say that Venus tipped the earth, creating a very long day where the sun appeared to stay still in the sky before setting in what had been the direction from which it rose. East was now west. Graves now faced the setting Sun, while burials were being made as always, towards the rising sun. But the new graves faced the opposite direction to those existing graves.

There was widespread destruction, caused by tsunami devastating the land, far inland.

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