Wednesday, July 7, 2010

USA mortgagor?

Bob Chapman has this very good advice:

If you do not believe this contact your servicer and try to hunt down who now owns your mortgage. You will be stonewalled almost from your first inquiry.

You will note here that servicers in some cases are getting huge money. For what? I ask. They are supposed to be simple middlemen between your payment and funds transfer to the lender, therein being paid for the service, hence the term servicer.

If you pay the servicer, but the present owner of the mortgage does not get the funds, you will be sued for payment. You will have to sue the servicer to get your funds back. If servicers had to be bailed out that means they were not operating as a fiduciary, but as a speculator of some sort. You can therefore be royally screwed.

For your sake please go to this site because if the real lender does not get paid you should be asking what happened to your money?

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