Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Cancer industry.

Where is the incentive to actually cure cancer? Too many people benefit from the industry of trying but failing to cure it!

All poisons taken in small doses are capable of killing all cancers. In large doses and if heavy metals ion moderate doses, they will also immediately or ultimately cause death!

Cancers grow faster than the rest of the body, that is why they are cancers. They disrupt the body and take most of the nutrition as they are fed by blood vessels to a greater degree than anything else in the body.


It is that simple?! Understand cancers. They are simple. There is nothing to fear. It is a fear based industry!

Radioactivity and bacteria are the main causes. When the body fails to kill the rogue cells, then it becomes cancer.

Even starvation will kill them. Weaken them then poison them?

Apricot seed, like apple seeds, contain small amounts of C=N, ie Cyanide. Laetrile. Any poison that attacks the vascular system will most affect cancers. Aspirin overdose will eventually cause erosion of the stomach lining and ulcers that can perforate causing sepsis. But periodic alternate dosing of aspirin and other poisons will rest the body and protect from damage.

Rest the body, calm the mind. Poison the cancer. Starvation in between treatments will purge the body and allow the cancer to take the maximum dosage as some of the poison may be kept in the body.

Even massive doses of vitamins act as a poison. But they may also distort the cancer which may be good. The usual rules of good nutrition change: take unbalanced meals. All fats, all carbs, all protein for a day at a time. Do not mix them. The idea is to knock the cancer off balance and weaken those cells.

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Quantum_Flux said...

Makes sense to me FFJIII. If I can kill a cockroach with raid then certainly I can kill cancer, right!?