Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bees dying and mobile phones killing our children by glioma!

Faraday cages can be part of the fabric of a building and perhaps should be if we continue these experiments with EM radiation. Don't neglect talking to submarines, OTH radar and HAARP!

Then again, by far the largest source is the Sun! It is a variable star, but constant, relatively, in visible light. Solar variability is worsening and the parallels with stock prices etc, (before plunge protection teams!) is widely known.

EM is largely beneficial, but certain frequencies are sensitive as they resonate with "natural" systems that are used by living creatures. As we remain stubbornly uninterested in our EM nature, we are destined to foul up!

Oliver Heaviside "simplified" the Clerk-Maxwell equations as they were too dangerous, as shown by Tesla. Censorship in science is not new.

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