Friday, September 9, 2011

Who pays for the depression?

Ultimately,Bush and Greenspan opened the faucets and ensured a credit boom, postponing the depression by 7 years.

They deepened and lengthened the depression by their deliberate acts, enabling profits to be stolen from capital that does not now exist. They knew that liars loans would live down to their reputation. It enabled a sacking of American households and to ensure that this happened quickly, they encouraged the sale of the pig to everyone who could offer capital, taking down the rest of the world.

How can the aggrieved recover from America? How can America pay?

There is the idea that D. Rockefeller is trying to bring in a world government by these means. The only certain way that revolution can be prevented is by such a system. But if this system does not come about, and there are many who have been vocal in opposing this for years, what then? People will not forget what America has done. Pax Americana, with the odd death squad and illicit drug ring, may be accounted for? Or curtailed.

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