Monday, January 4, 2010

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Is it that the sheeple are “dumb as dirt”, as the Dog Poet recently posited? No. Many of them are as smart or smarter than you or I. Is it that they are a different breed of humanity? No. There is no DNA you can find that makes someone look and not see. No. Is it that they are willfully hiding the truth from themselves and just stubbornly refusing to give up their illusions? Again, no. No. It’s not any of those things. All of those things we could have solved. No.

It’s a matter of hypnosis.

Bill told me of a startling stage demonstration of hypnosis once. The hypnotist implanted a suggestion that the subject would not be able to see or hear his own daughter, who had attended the show with him. After he brought the poor subject out of his trance state the daughter did everything she could (short of physical contact) to attract her father’s attention. Nothing worked. She had vanished from his universe. Then the hypnotist startled the audience by placing his pocket watch in front of the man and having the daughter stand between the watch and the man, completely blocking his view of the watch. The man was able to read the time on the watch with the greatest of ease – right though the body of his daughter. The audience was so stunned that they didn’t even react. The hypnotist had pulled back the curtain on the truth of their lives just a bit too far, and they did NOT like it.

Hypnosis. It is an art as ancient as humanity itself. It is an art well known to those of evil intent. The true power of it is lied about. TPTB make sure of that, as it is the foundation of their entire control over the population. The laws of hypnosis are the laws that the Main Stream Media and Hollywood operate by. It is how they get you to react. It is how they get you to buy Wheaties. It is how they will get the majority of mankind to lay down and die without even understanding what is happening to them. It is an art which you should learn about, even though it is so thoroughly soiled and discredited by the uses it has been put to down through the ages.

So why doesn’t hypnosis work on everyone? Well, there is a dividing line. There is a level below which hypnosis works and above which it begins to weaken. Those below the line can only be lead. Those above the line can lead, in varying degrees. They can lead because they can see. What can they see? The actual source of things that come at them. That is is.

If you want to know if someone is above or below this line simply discuss concepts with them like the famous motto of our century, “shit happens”. The more they agree that things, “just happen”, in life the further below the line they are and the more they will believe the hypnotic flashes of light and sound that come out of their TV sets for hours every day. The more questioning they are. The more they wonder about what caused this or that the more likely they are to be at or above the line. And don’t be fooled by people that are totally certain that god is the cause of everything that happens in their lives. They are merely puppets of the hypnotists in organized religion. God gave us free will. He certainly did not do that on a lark or for no reason.

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