Friday, August 20, 2010


Everyone reading this should consider what changes to lifestyle should be made in order to survive or even prosper when paradigms have changed.

Paper assets are and will be worthless, unless there is an easy way of enforcing them. Physical assets will be paramount. They can always be traded for something more useful. Barter is not exposed to taxation, a significant cost in a moribund economy. Talent will be useful as purchasing the labour of others will diminish considerably.

Time will increase as cash decreases. Two incomes will become rare. Expect employers to discriminate against you. Self employment may be the only viable option. Gowing food costs twice or three times buying food, but if you have the time and not the cash you have no option.

Expect certain crimes to increase.

Expect cutbacks in public services and increases in taxation. Money will move less often and tax revenues will fall. Formal employment will fall and contracting will increase often without paperwork. Large, expensive assets will sell for much less, as desperate people sell off to pay off loans.

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