Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do-Gooders: People Don't Like Unselfish Colleagues

As one of these stupid people, I recommend this research!


Who said:

Being saintly is not difficult, but is disruptive and sometimes, just to piss others off, I do the very unselfish. Very selfish of me!

I despise all you little people, who do not possess the spirit to get involved even occasionally. Scurrying back to your hovel, eating your gruel, thanking your psycho bosses for their bullying! Enjoy your massive mortgages, huddling in the slime of the suburbs. Run, the sky is falling! Fear destroys you slowly, until you eat your own young, sending them off to foreign lands to kill. Look not for mercy, you despise it! Set low standards and live down to them. Tolerate no disparity among colleagues, it threatens a cosy unexamined existence. Rats will eat one another as the end comes. Rats are mammals.....

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