Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to prevent yourself going to gaol, ("Jail" for any yanks) for bank tampering .....

Buy yourself a government, or two, if they are going cheap in a sale.

Then get your toadies, the government, (pay attention!) to ask how the investigation is going. There has to be an investigation. If there isn't, there is nothing to worry about! Don't ask a flunky. Get the "head buck cat" to explain if there is enough evidence. Have an Attorney or Solicitor General handy to impress the flunkies flunky, heretofore known as "head buck cat" whom I shall call Fachtna, for ease of identification. Whatever evidence Fachtna has to date, have your flunkies explain that it is not enough, yet. Identify specific types of evidence that is currently out of reach except by new laws. Impress the need for new laws on Fachtna. Get him to agree in minutes, later initialled by him.

Then, get Fachtna to write to the Government, sort of out of the blue, like, you know, Garda Commissioners do, saying that he does not need any new "powers" to carry out the investigation that is now completely stalled.

Job done! Well done Fachtna, you get to keep your job until you retire in a blaze of glory, with lots of Quango prospects!

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