Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hitler et al

How do you, as a banker, concerned with the future of humanity and with an eye to profit from human weakness, ensure that wars do not result in your own destruction?

Ensuring that those in charge are politicians is essential. War being conducted by Generals becomes chess, as was shown in the 17th Century. When one side is in possession of a superiority in battle the professionals are happy to agree a result based upon that, without insisting upon a butcher's bill caused by pressing home an attack. This determines the issue with honour, as befits Christian Kingsa, annointed by God, but does not suit those who fund the Royal coffers on both side.

Politicians are merely agents of those who can destroy them but who lavish wealth upon them. By controlling one leader, the cost is minimized!

They required distraction from pogrom and Inquisition and more profit by expenditure of shot and shell. Human adversaries being reduced by mutual destruction also meant freedom from persecution. So real war is essential for the banking interests.

Now we have the UN. WE recognize equality of religion and freedom to worship or pursue beliefs without discrimination. So the bankers should have put away their weapons?

But they have not.

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