Sunday, November 28, 2010


I firmly believe that we need more involvement in outer space!

To do this we need airships...... We need a massive, hydrogen lofted platform. This would have to be capable of acting as mother ship to supplies from earth surface and shuttle to inner space.

It might even try the space elevator, but the electrical currents might be too problematic. A helium based platform, far smaller in size might be an aunty ship!

The aim of the hydroship is to act as a launch pad for the shuttle, cutting the fuel needed for the initial boost to that altitude. By splitting water harvested aboard the hydroship, the hydrogen can be provided by eletrolysis providing oxygen as a bonus for fuelling the shuttle. Getting to that hydroship, at 50,000 ft, would be a job for a B747 or A380.

Power provided by harnessing electrical currents from metal ropes dangling down with thyristors & capacitors attached.

The hydroship would be largely automated, but humans would have hardened fire-proof pods available to them for release to the ground in event of destruction.

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