Thursday, November 18, 2010

The EU is attacking Ireland!

The whole of the EU is socialist. Look at all the funds and redistribution of money to farmers, BMW region etc. Fabians have designed it and are probably happy wioth all the interference in people’s affairs and the jobs that this brings? Ireland is lucky that way. We would be fighting them off if we were suddenly rich, which is why Norway is not a member?! JHusrt as they share Frau Merkel’s taxes with Ireland today, so will they adjust payments for oil and gas finds tomorrow!

Save the banks? We need some institution to issue cash when demanded and to keep it safe from thieves. These may belong to others, but the banks are ours in almost every respect. We no longer need so many and they need to be reduced in size, but their owners have already been punished. The problem was that instead of being a steady engine for gradual growth and slow inflation (theft!) idiots decided to open the taps full on and more idiots went along with it. They could have been stopped. They weren’t. The only ones taking out money unfairly were those who sold all property prior to that collapse and those on bonuses for trapping as many people in debt slavery as possible. Taxation will deal with both of these, but the pricing disruption in the meantime means massivcew delays in investment and recovery, and of course, a shrinking economy as most of it, nearly, was borrowed! Not real! The economy recognized much of the borrowing as revenue and that caused the tax problem, fiscally.

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