Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mind works

We form associations.

In the mind. It is also true that we have no mind, but share the Mind. There is only one.
We have access to it. We receive and transmit.

The only wat=y not to do so is to practice mindlessness, also called mindfullness! The cup must be empty, but not emptied.

Not this, not that.

It is an unreasonable process that is not a process.

Our associations, allowing access to these associations made in the Mind, condemn us to slavery.

We read, are exposed to, something on the internet. It has meanings. Many meanings, on many levels even if it is a simple statement of the "obvious".
They, what we actually see, are lines of electrons or liquid crystals, aligned in shapes which we "know" are letters that form "words". These words each have unique but fuzzy meanings that change over time and depend upon each culture, if they share a common language. These meanings put together in a sentence, or phrase, make us move. The movement is another term for emotion or motion of a persons attention.

These movements are used by other persons for good and bad motives. Good and bad are subjective and can only be fully appreciated by a free channel mind.

These threads come together to make a fine carpet or else a rope around our throat.

You decide!


You may need to free yourself of these associations, also known as snares, aka triggers of desire. These are operative on our animal nature. Let the animal subside to allow the divine to assume its correct position. The Mind is merely an affect, in just the same way as our own channel mind that is clogged with our subjective experiences.

There is something beyond the Mind!

We are that something!

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