Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Economics the "science" of scarcity

This disease can now be banned as we actually only have an imaginary scarcity.

While we even up the rest of the world, preparatory to a New World Order, there may be some play with economics, but I do not recommend it except as a study of history, for those under the age of 21 as they will not make it to 50 in that career.

The only true practitioners are those dedicated to the NWO and are Fabian in origin.

It is now time to reorganize our institutions to acknowledge these facts and to be more efficient.

Pretending that there is a force dedicated to destruction of USA freedoms serves only those who make money out of it.

There is such a plot, but it is peaceful in nature and intent. Freedoms built upon the enslavement of others may appeal to some, but not to those dedicated to the NWO.

Get ready to work less and enjoy more! It will take less than thirty years.

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