Thursday, April 7, 2011

The tribes: DAN

Many Jews had to pose as christian to survive in Spain. There is also the Khazar nation which adopted Judaism, to avoid conflict with christian and Muslim neighbours. The Khazars are Aryan.... They pose as Jews. Some even believe they are. Others ally with whomever to take over. They are whom you mean!

Most jews, even Khazar, are innocent of everything except loyalty to a divisive issue. The Jewish homeland is Judea, to the south of Israel.

Everywhere the "Zionist" gangs go, they leave deliberately divisive issues, makes stealing from both sides easier!

The tribe of Dan gave their name to Danmark and also were identified as Greeks. "Danaos" is Latin. They provided the Aleph Bet to Europe as the Alpha Beta and reversed the direction of their writing to left to right from the Hebrew right to left!

Prince Philip of Greece is Danish. Her family comes from the border of Germany and Denmark.

The God of Dan is Baal, God of electricity and storm. YHWH is Judah's God, a war God.

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