Thursday, April 7, 2011

God is reality

When the planet was almost destroyed and few people survived they made a determined effort to record and pass on what had happened. Eventually this was written down, almost unchanged from the oral history.

Thus, the "Creation" account in the Byblos is actually a witness account of the banishment of the planet from the massively benign influence of Saturn, the old God. A new God whose effects had to be recorded and estimated, was now evident: Sol! Night and Day now existed. And massive amounts of water had impacted the earth, creating the oceans. Mankind was exiled from the easy life, when plants grew 10 times as large in mass, as now. They now had to work and to organize that work.

The tree of life was an electrical phenomenon, between planets, disappearing with the new alignments and orbits.

As organization demands those who organize to be separate from those whom are organized, the doctrines of good and evil permeated all the languages. People were forbidden from some conduct and that was "evil". Desired conduct was good.

Anything that divides us, weakens us!

We respect persons, so we should their beliefs. But they have a right to speak up: 1st amendment etc

It is but they cannot see it as it is I believe, deliberately badly presented. The punishment is to live as everyone. Each life individually. Then you begin to know the true God. All the planets, all life.

That is the reward. That is the punishment. That is why there is no divine intervention. That is why people think that perhaps it is all a program. We are.

You are the proof. The insects are the proof. Bacteria are the proof!

We make our own heaven or hell while we live. When its over, we go back to where we were before we were born.

Richard, The implications are vast ...... we can rail against whomever, but we are attacking ourselves. It ends up being a justification for Christianity and Islam, regarding pacifism, love and submission. It is core Hindu teaching

It strongly suggests Manicheanism is false and divisive and a religion designed by those in power. Catholicism became that and puritanism is just an over-reaction

I have already shown you "GOD" ? You looked outside when you should look inside? Practical people are useful but need to develop that part you call metaphysical. You may be better off without it.

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mohenko said...

Elegantly terse and direct summation. Aligns (resonates toward that which I am aligning) with my own experience. The enemy is within, self mastery the one objective of the sane. Who/ what to guide us?