Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What have the bank controllers in mind for their next move?

Suppose they have access to bank borrowings and want to buy cheap land. Spread foot and mouth disease ......... enough farmers will suicide that land prices will be depressed now. Until now, that would not work, but now .... Every disaster brings opportunities. Every weakness may be exploited. If they can set things up to lure half a country into buying land at five times what it is worth, they can do anything!

This could never happen!?

If NATO can "engage in regime change" "to bring democracy", then smaller projects to increase food prices can be expected. As money is destroyed "to bring relief" to the masses, those with cash will clean up. Those who act decisively can be expected to be more greedy than others?

Those who get access to new bank borrowings will also do well. That will be in decades......

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