Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Canberra and Aceh?

Australia decided to build a Federal capital. They chose a shallow valley, in an inland mountain range. I have yet to find a theory that it has been laid out along the lines of a Freemason temple!

In this respect, it is ahead of a curve in relocating capital cities inland. Brazil, with Brasilia, was next. With nuclear realities sinking in, secret capitals were to be established far from those that might have been nuked in official plans in nuclear capable countries. A backup. Then Burma is advised by China to relocate from Rangoon, which it does! China builds cities that are left vacant. All are inland. Their military academy Commandant a General, issues a warning directly to the USA about the consequences of a loss of eastern seaboard cities to tsunami. That was a few months after the Aceh incident.

I posted about Aceh earlier.

Now Denver, located one mile above sea level in the centre of the North American continent!


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