Monday, August 15, 2011

Politicians and Ego

Ego was set up to serve.

Unfortunately, like our politicians, it takes over slowly, by finding many dangers from which it can protect us, at the cost of our happiness!

Ego is essential and attempts to suppress it are damaging. We end up as the Indian sages tell us, locked in the basement of our mind. allowing the ego full rein.

so it is with those who make money and career out of protecting people.

This is the basis for making profit in the illegal drug trades yet alcohol is allowed to kill many people slowly.

In a depression, when no loans are available and the loans of the last boom are still being paid off, only the essentials can be afforded. This hurts those interests that vested themselves during the credit boom..... They give up power slowly. They deny a depression exists for example! This is typical Ego behaviour. Politicians frequently suffer from strong apparent Ego rather than from the lack of it. Not all politicians are bad, but many are.

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