Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Much has already been done on the Donnelly side: Kinsella, Carroll (an Offaly clan) there.
Dates of birth and marriage available from Ann Day 2882939 Dublin phone number needs another digit. One or more went to Australia! So we have rellies here.
Donnelly came down from Tyrone at the time of the flight of the Earls, the Grey geese, some of whom went to France.

On my Mum's side: her mum was a Mooney, dispossessed in Cromwellian times, and her dad was McGuinness, often red haired, mainly Westmeath. No work done I believe?

Mum's side will be very difficult! She is a half Tynan. From Laoise, over the Slieve Blooms. Rathdowney.

Use the internet, many free resources. Nothing written in recoverable form, in Ireland prior to 1800 or so, Catholic baptismal and marriage records. The Irish v closely related to the Scots:98% similar, and the British, but they got viking and saxon additions so 80% similarity there. We are all Celts. Metal workers, tool makers and hunters.
3rd rock from the sun only recently.....we used to be a satellite of
Ouranus/Saturn......Any more needed?

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