Sunday, May 16, 2010


To ensnare our band of over-achievers, we habituate them. We make them dependant upon the effects of drugs. To save money, we use the drugs inside their heads. And bellies. Not a technical term, but emotions are at the core of this, of course.

A thought gives rise to the deed. An act gives rise to a consequence. This becomes a series of activities that becomes a habit.

So be careful with your thoughts!

We tell them they are good. They become happy, because we reward this good behaviour. We do not reward every time. We eventually do not tell them they are good every time. We expect a level of behaviour. Like good little robots.

When they find out, they may decide not to co-operate or to self destruct or to go postal and destroy as many as they can of those who most closely interact with them. Collateral damage.

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