Thursday, May 27, 2010

Corporate Theory

It is the lot of Law lecturers to liken Company Law to the human body. Sometimes that is more true than they understand.

The analysis of how the human species should organize itself has occupied enquiring minds for some time. Having survived cosmic bombardment, we know what the sky can bring and must organize to be efficient and to survive for as long as possible in an immensely awful universe.

Viewed thus, the idea that what does not destroy humanity merely makes it stronger, acquires new force. We need more theories and hypotheses from all quarters in order to deal with the dilemmas presented by our existence.

Do we restrain limited, supervised genetic engineering of humans, in order to survive likely circumstances facing us in the event of an ELE? No is the obvious answer. Do we need to alert people or even obtain their consent? There is less justification for the same answer, but the justification of survival of the species demands any and every exploration of potential use.

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