Monday, January 3, 2011

Dictators as saviour: a riposte to Jim Corr

Chavez was good, but why can he not interest anyone else to lead his revolution? Ego is not a good trip. He has to have others who know what needs to be done? If they took over occasionally, it would add legitimacy? It would also deepen the succession to the revolution? What happens if he is killed? Or is he just another bought and paid for psyop of the USA? They first try to bribe because assassination makes it clear what is happening. At least Putin has a partner. They tend to end up being part of the problem if they cannot involve the people themselves? If we ever get the chance to elect you Jim Corr, I hope you bear that in mind? Whom do you endorse among our current politicians if any? I always found that apart from some odd ideas, SF were genuinely part of their community. I would like to see more women involved in politics, especially if they are not sisters or daughters of politicians.

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