Saturday, March 26, 2011

Byblos: the writings of oral histories of Dan, Judah etc.

The bible is true as far as it goes: matter has been left out and "impossible" things interpreted. Genesis is not the first book as it is a witness account of the end of Eden. The planets were far closer! Once the sun was fully revealed, night and day existed. And the climate deteriorated with droughts, cold and floods. The electrical abundance had meant that plants had grown three times as large as now! Work began..... exploitation began. Animals died off.

All left out of the writings we now know as the Old Testament! Eden is a mystery because of censorship. The entire earth, well at least one hemisphere, was "perfect". Then came the Dreamtime!

The New Testament is designed by a committee of Nicea. Joshua becomes the Christ all in an attempt to ensure the hippy christians work for the Empire.
The Romans finally conquer the christians!

We need to know what was left out by the male priesthoods. They perpetuate the OWO!


mohenko said...

And lo, the Romans observed the Christians face lion and gladiator in the arena, and recognised that indeed the power of belief is good.
And so it came to pass that 'the power of belief' was framed, for was it not said that God Him-self decided upon the canon of Gospels there at Nicae?
Verily then did the creed spread, at pain of death to all who dissented.
Thus it is that belief accomplished more than the might of Roman arms, belief built on fear of present and perpetual personal agony.
Who now sits in the arena, sating themselves on the fiendish spectacle of the self-willed sacrificial lambs, sacrificing themselves for the opposite of their beliefs?
And who might break this spell?

Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

Humans have been noted as having a weakness: they identify with "good". Sadly, the shrewd have decided to use this to take power by creed and even now in the age of "reason"

Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

Power hungry people are manipulating masses for purposes which they hide from them.

Great comment Mohenko, thanks!