Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kevin Earick

A striking commentary on an article in NC or Naked Capitalism:

"So, the legacy families assumed that all humans were replaceable, except themselves. Bad assumption. They also assumed that they had time on their side. Bad assumption."

He assumes the legacy families are behind this. Not a bad assumption, but predicated upon knowledge of previous credit busts and a willingness to act. These families are not like the fabled Rothschilds, that is why they are fabled. They have created a mechanism to recognize and re-act to stimuli that suggest radical change and the correct or a profitable way to respond?

"Despite cascading dominoes falling in their direction, the government unions assumed that promises of future payments, in return for transferring assets from those who earned them to those who did not, would continue indefinitely. Bad assumption."

Unions do not have a unity of interest. Their managers are as prone to corruption and ignorance as any group of managers. They simply are not fit for purpose. As they reflect the fears of the members, they are very similar to investment managers, who profit from the fear of their investors that they are worse than the managers.

"Governments assumed that they could float the difference indefinitely. Bad assumption. The agents assumed they could hide their looting behind non-profits indefinitely. Bad assumption. The churches assumed that indoctrinating the masses with propaganda from birth would shield their property indefinitely. Bad assumption."

Governments do not assume anything. They are the ultimate agent out of control as they have the power to imprison those who question and leak information about wrongdoing! Some individuals have been corrupted by those who know what is coming and want favourable timing and p[lacement to maximise their profit and minimize risks.

"These black holes have now intersected and joined, to become the globally replicating virus, which has hit the wall. Funny, no matter where you go, you will find the masses offering each other help out of the black hole, for a fee, slavery to consumption anxiety."

Valid points!

"Simply disconnect whatever anxiety algorithm that ails you from the nexus consumption algorithm and reconnect it to your own investment algorithm. If at first you do not succeed, move to another location, get another angle, and try again, peeling off the layers of non-productive anxiety, and their associated assets, as you go.

Without enterprise architects, the legacy families may only implode. The entire foundation of the American Enterprise System is now spider-cracked. Simply take your unique crow bar and lift out the piece it fits, while the legacy families re-paste, re-organize, and re-sell in vain.

No foundation, no economy. Below the old foundation, you will find the new foundation, already installed. Add recursion to quantum physics, with the three point structure, and off you go.

I am now at the border, with my crow bar. Where are you?"

Provocative! Kevin, do get in touch?!

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