Sunday, March 27, 2011


"But that you may understand my word of good and evil, for that
purpose will I tell you my word of life, and of the nature of all
living things.
The living things did I follow; I walked in the broadest and
narrowest paths to learn its nature.
With a hundred-faced mirror did I catch its glance when its mouth
was shut, so that its eye might speak unto me. And its eye spoke
unto me.
But wherever I found living things, there heard I also the
language of obedience. Whatever lives, obeys.
And this heard I secondly: Whatever cannot obey itself, is
commanded. Such is the nature of living things."

The hundred-faced mirror is the body-mind.
We are slaves to whatever provides sustenance along the lines of Maslow's pyramid.
We are capable of being gods. But we are usually locked in the basement of the cellar of the mansion! The servants rule in that house!

FREE yourselves!

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