Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Earthquake machine, use thereof?

If you, gentle reader, had control of an earthquake machine, what would you do with it?

Is HAARP such a machine?

By employing it at say, half power, over known trouble spots, you could trigger smaller, more frequent incidents that would release the pressure that continually builds up. Swiss citizems got so concerned at drilling for geothermal power that city authorities forbade drilling as the drilling was supposed to have caused many small quakes, to the concern of inhabitants. Short term thinking.

The usual idiots for hire, in the msm, say that liability would prevent such use. It is supposedly easier to prove causation of small earthquakes than prevention of larger ones. Expect a campaign dealing with the mechanism of the earthquake machine, based on electromagnetic flows in the case of HAARP, in order to allow public acceptance of it. If it is to be used for public good, undermining insurance companies and the opportunity to invade countries, that is. If it is kept secret for much longer, then spiteful people may question the motives of those who possess it!

This applies to Russki too!

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