Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Limited war

Full war is far too dangerous, given modern cbn capabilities, possessed by every modern nation and some corporations and individuals.

Pax Americana has been more successful than Pax Britannica, if the cut off point is 1946.

This can only continue if Globalization succeeds. The nwo has been poorly planned and executed so far.

Limited war plays an Hegelian role in this process. Korea, Vietnam, Columbia, Serbia and Iraq have all been unnecessarily wasteful, damaging the Paz Americana. China, India Brazil and Russia have all been very successful, possibly as a result of limited war occurring nearby.

Taking venom from a snake is a dangerous business and many methods deserve to be tried. Full war was instrumental in allowing America too much free rein. An incremental approach through limited war, which cannot threaten American hegemony, may allow more progression to nwo.

The current wars being fought appear to be sufficiently limited but have a potential to involve both India and China and should be carefully calculated at all stages. America is being fully stretched by he depression and the economic thinking espoused publicly is deficient and weakening to Pax Americana. Brazil, China and India must be brought on board not merely economically, but also militarily.

The current leadership in America must be replaced as peacefully as possible, as they appear to be out of touch with their own constituencies and to have lost respect almost completely.
The Ron Paul experiment is deserved by Americans but should be postponed until a more balanced military force has been created and sadly, blooded a few times. It must wait awhile.

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