Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Iron Mountain

Disinformation comes in many forms. Psyops are designed to elicit a response and through that a solution. An obvious one is a report of babies being flung from ventilators in a Q8i hospital (mirroring the rape of nuns in Belgium by invading German soldiers, in 1914) ...... subsequently to no ones surprize?, found to be untrue. This helped to prepare the civilian supporters and waverers to back offensive operations.

Others are designed to spften up, to prepare a population. By floating a suggestion, assessment of support for it can be made without the additional burden of a suspect source.

And even more sophisticated ones designed to shut up those clamouring for more airport security, by installing scanners in the Tera band. Signed autographs of well endowed Indian heartthrobs!

Where does this report find itself? In another category? For those who have no imagination?

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