Friday, February 5, 2010

What is about to happen?

Abductions by aeroplanes traceable to drug runners and the CIA. Torture, but not for information, for background but mainly for creating agents.

Financial breakdowns as the dealing unwinds revealing empty coffers. Deals take up to 18 months to unravel for various reasons. These are now nearly all exhausted. Countries running out of money, facing unemployment rises and revenue falls. Capital is now scarce, and will only get scarcer. Interest rates will try to rise to attract capital, but countries will print money, forcing down rates. They are trying to keep the lig on for as long as possible.

There are plans to distract attention, the interweb is alive with a project blue beam, ALIENS! Hahaha! And the usual, Y2K, 2012 is also being leaked. Stimulus by another means. Theatre in the form of Climate warming clique chaos. Heroin and cocaine supply is stronger than ever, so social control is satisfactory, provided that budgets stabilize. Taxing drugs is now an active option to replace revenues lost, in the absence of drastic cutbacks.

More worryingly, HAARP, earthquakes and invasions are increasing. Volatility increases the need for damping machanisms. Many satellites have now been set up to monitor the sun. Little likelihood of damage from there at the moment, but that is also on an agenda, given the amplifier effect.

Then either things settle down in an uneasy, Japan-like deflation or else wars begin, and deepen.

Life goes on. For some ......

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