Monday, April 19, 2010

Magnetic reversal in 2012?

The science on this is far from settled. Some scientists would have us believe that the earth is a bar magnet, caused by some rotation of the iron-nickel hypothetical core in the earth. Others consider that there are massive electrical charges involved. The oldest history records an instance of the sun appearing to go down in the east. It does not explicitly say that after that, it continued in the old or the new way, but it suggests that the process was hours long only. Obviously the old testament was written by those who survived whatever chaos ensued and they may have been far away enough to not observe anything worth recording. Some tidal problems are the least that would occur? I also recall a TV program from 20 years ago that showed an american burial ground where half the graves faced one direction and half the other direction. There was no apparent cultural disruption or explanation, but we now could assume a reversal. If so, it was within the last 5,000 years or so and we have no forensic evidence of it, which we would expect to find if it was stable enough to last for any length of time, in the newly solid rock record at the expansion cracks on the ocean bottom. While I am sceptical of the aging method's accuracy, I do think we should find some record. So it is rather up in the air?

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