Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why stability may destabilize!

In the GFC there is a continuous stream of propaganda from TPTB.
There is always a legitimate need for stability. This is in fact needed more when things are getting worse, as they are and will.

The possibility that the crises were predictable with predictable and manipulable consequences may have occurred to more than me? Who is behind this matters nothing if there is no one. But if there isn’t? If it is economic warfare? There appear to be factions within the ranks of the ungodly.

Going by history, impoverishment of the soldiery helps increase recruitment success. A large enough threat to the EU would accelerate the creation of the EA, the European Armed forces. Even without conscription, recruitment from poorer areas of the EU will be high. Do the mouthpieces know what is coming? I doubt it. But they can be inspired by the cry of “security” of the status quo. So expect all manner of support for rubbish merely because there is a closing of ranks.

My point is that this is merely part of a process, one that may last two decades. For example, suppose that Islam spreads and threatens usury? Bankers, the sine qua non of all warfare, may feel threatened. I refer to those who actually own massive capital and have been bankers for generations. They have a legitimate right to respond as western success has been through their efforts, distasteful though they may be.

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